Friday, October 10, 2008

Joy in the Little Things - Day 10

Today, I have to admit, was a difficult day. With stress at work, and not enough sleep, I felt exhausted and a little overwhelmed. I know the Lord is faithful to give me his peace and joy when I ask, and He didn't let me down today, even in the midst of my circumstances.

Tonight, Aaron and I had the chance to do absolutely nothing! It was so wonderful to be able to spend time together, catching up on our shows we missed during the week, and just relaxing! I know that this time together doing nothing is limited and so I count it very precious.

Thank you Lord, for the opportunity to be lazy tonight with my sweet hubby. Thank you for allowing me to see the benefit of quality time with him now, so that when Caleb gets here we will continue to not only fight for our time together, but make it purposeful as well.

Be Blessed and Encouraged!

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