Thursday, August 23, 2012

A Little Summer Fun!

This summer has been an absolute blast with the boys!  We've had some super fun family times together and have made some fun memories, but I have to admit, I'm soooo ready for the fall, for a routine again, for cooler weather (which we are already having), and eventually in to the holiday season!  It's so interesting how excited I am in the spring for summer to get here, and then at the end of summer, how excited I am for fall to get here!  Anyway, here is our summer fun family adventures in pictures!
books, books, books

 crazy hair day!
 swimming, swimming, in the swimming pool...
 car wash time

 a fun afternoon at Coo Coo's!

 exhausted baby!
 caleb's mad face...
 followed by a huge smile!
 date night!
 July 4th
 haircut time
 a few early morning moments with my Lord!
 the park, in July, and only in the 70's!!
 Chick-Fil-A Appreciation Day!
 Flying roach...dead roach...
 library day
 a gentle, quiet, steady kamp day rain!
 taking walks through our neighborhood
 cookout on July 4th
 Darth Vador (aka Caleb)
 more July 4th!

 Oh the memories!
 unbelievably low!

 styled photo shoot that got published!!
 my little artists
 morning sate with little man!
 more cuddles
 he really was happy right before I took this pic, I promise!
 Family vacation to Tablerock Lake!  FUN cousin time for sure!!
 Sai and Caleb, oh how they love each other!

 sickness, it's inevitable for us, no matter what time of year it is!
 more dates!

 mall time!

 Caleb earned Cars 2 for sharing, making happy choices with his attitude, listening and obeying without complaining and loving Asher!
 Caleb's 1st drawing of a little boy!
Jack Carter Pool!
Dinner with a very loved Papa!!! 

Be Blessed and Encouraged!