Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Spring Vacation 2011 - Big Cedar Lodge

On the tail end of our vacation we went to Big Cedar Lodge in Branson for a REALLY quick little extra special vacation. We literally were there from 7pm Friday until 10am Sunday, and then we drove straight back to Dallas. It was quick, but super fun! I didn't get a ton of great variety pictures, but we went to dinner Friday night on The Landing with Papa, then Saturday it was FREEZING, literally, it was 35 degrees and rainy. We braved the weather and went shopping, couldn't miss out on the outlet malls! And then Sunday, we ate the Sunday Morning Brunch at Devil's Pool Restaurant at Big Cedar and then headed out! Here's some snapshots from the weekend!

Out shopping on Saturday during the freezing weather/rain, hence the warm fuzzy hat and mittens on Asher
Oh my gosh, the next however many pictures are GREAT! LOVE these pics of my boys!!

Yes, I know Asher is showing some inner thigh...he wasn't missing a snap, they were just a little tighter than normal!
Wish I could straighten my leg like Caleb! 15 years ago I could, but not anymore!
Giving Asher "loves" as we call them! LOVE THIS ONE!!

Tickle Bug Time!!

My Little Fishy!!

TOTALLY going in a frame!!

Sai feeding Asher!

The view from our cabin

Cousin Mary and Caleb!
Grandma and Asher!

Caleb trying to hold Asher's hand. So sweet!

Mom and me!
Mary and me!

Be Blessed and Encouraged!

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