Saturday, March 12, 2011

Slow Saturday

So, last night we decided to try a little bit of sleep training with little man. He's still waking in the middle of the night to feed, and frankly, I just don't think he needs it! He already drinks on the upper end of the spectrum during his day feedings, and he's also eating solids twice a day now too (besides the fact that he's in the 90th percentile for weight too). I honestly think it's purely out of habit. So, we have Caleb on a palette on the floor in our room and will for a few nights to see if we can nip this night waking in the bud.

Now, I know there are probably some of you mommas out there that think it's totally normal for him to be waking in the middle of the night still, and I don't disagree with that. I'm fine if he wakes up, it's the fact that the only way he will fall back asleep is if he gets a bottle, and I just don't want to continue down this path and create a child who has to have a bottle to fall asleep. Besides the fact that because the boys share a room, I'm going in there as soon as he starts crying so as not to wake Caleb and then have two awake boys at 3am. This also is creating a bit of a pattern where he knows that when he cries, one of us will immediately cater to his "need", when really, he is just fine and can put himself back to sleep.

So, last night he woke up. Since Aaron takes the weekend nights, he was up with him and tried the 5-10-15 method. Unfortunately, after doing that for 2-3 full rounds, Asher still wasn't going back to sleep, so he gave him a 4 oz. bottle. The worst part is that I heard him almost the entire time he was awake, which means neither of us got good sleep.

On top of all that, Aaron went to CareNow in the morning and has a sinus infection. Thankfully he got two shots and a prescription and will hopefully be better this week. Asher is also sick now too, with a cough and congestion, which is exactly what the Dr. said he would get if he got the walking pneumonia from Caleb. Thankfully Caleb is all better and I have not gotten sick, and I'd like to keep it that way!

I went out and ran some errands but overall, we had a pretty lazy day that started out with donuts and ended with some yummy chinese!

We will continue on with the sleep training for a while to see if Asher's schedule changes. I'm really hoping it won't take but maybe a week to break him of these habits. Guess we'll see!

Be Blessed and Encouraged!

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