Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Talking Tuesday

This week I have felt a heaviness in my heart for two very sweet friends of mine. There have been joys within trials of the lives of some very close friends of ours.

A huge praise that sweet baby Gavin is home with his family after a pre-mature birth and spending quite a few weeks in the NICU. Gavin was born 5 weeks early, and although his weight was ok, developmentally he was a little behind, as expected. I am so thankful that he is able to be at home and loved on in the arms of momma and daddy, and continually within the arms of his Creator!!

Some other friends of ours are going through what is probably one of the biggest trials they've ever gone through. Their sweet little girl was also born prematurely and also spent time in the NICU during the first few weeks of her life here on this earth. She is now about 4 months old and is in the PICU with a lung infection among other difficulties. As of now, she is getting stronger, and has been taken off of oxygen and is breathing somewhat better on her own, thank the Lord, but still has a long road to recovery. As I read their blog updates tears flow freely. The Lord is so good to provide ALL that we need in times of tribulation, and this precious family is the perfect example of trusting in the Lord's will and timing 100%. I only hope and pray that if I was in that situation I would have the same outlook. I continue to pray for them, and ask you to do the same, for strength, wellness to overcome ALL of them, since three out of four of them have been down for the count for quite a while, and for a peace that surpasses all understanding to fill their entire family.

On a separate note, not that what we've gone through in the past week even comes close to those two friends of mine above, but Caleb is getting over walking pneumonia. On top of that, Aaron was home sick Tuesday and is still recovering from some sinus issues. Praise the Lord that Asher and I are both holding out and are well for the time being! My sister and her little boy have both had the stomach bug for the past couple days, and my mom and dad have also been sick with the stomach bug and sinus issues. All of that along with Daylight Savings this weekend and I will definitely be ready for the vacation we are taking in another week or so to St. Louis to see my family, pending everyone is healthy!

So, as you can read, there is plenty to be thankful for, and plenty to still be praying for! Please join me in praying for Gavin's continued growth and strength, and please pray for baby E, who is in the PICU, that the Lord would completely heal her little body. She will be in the hopsital for at least a couple more weeks so please also pray for extended help for S&B (parents), as well as renewed energy and time with their Savior.

Thank you all!

Be Blessed and Encouraged!

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