Wednesday, March 9, 2011

6 Months

Oh Asher, you are growing WAY. TO. FAST. I can't believe you are 6 months old already! You are in full swing of eating mushy solid foods, and I just know that you're on your way to sleeping through the night (hint hint)! We are SOOO enjoying this age with you. Your personality is beaming through as you continue to develop more and more each day.

You are a M.A.J.O.R. cuddler! It's like a death grip around mommas neck every single time I pick you up and I LOVE IT!!! You are cooing, smiling, talking, and making lots of spitting bubble noises with your mouth, which makes a mess when I'm trying to feed you green beans! You had your first highchair experience at a restaurant and did FABULOUS. You hardly made a peep the entire time we were there, WOO HOO!

You give the best puppy dog eyes EVER! My heart is continually on the floor in a huge puddle because you just melt it every time you look at me!

You LOVE your feet and continually grab at them when laying on the floor!

You are rolling over and have started scooting backwards! It's not long until this momma is in BIG trouble with a full-time crawler, I just know it!!

And, as always you give the BEST facial expressions ever! You make me laugh all the time with the ways you look at me, your brother, the trees and everything else in your line of sight!

And your newest trick, sitting up!!!!!!! WOO HOO!!!! I LOVE IT, and so do you! You prefer to be sitting up on the floor or rolling around. You are not a huge fan of your bouncer seat anymore. I can't wait to see how quickly you start pulling up and walking, I know it's not far off!

Your 6 month stats:

Height: 26 3/4 inches(grew one full inch since 4 months, and is in the 50th percentile)
Weight: 20.6 pounds (gained exactly 3 pounds since 4 months, and is in the 90th percentile)
Head Circumference: you are in the 50th percentile for head circumference as well.

Oh Asher, we are SOOOO completely in love with you! You continue to be such a blessing to my heart each and every moment of the day (and night)!

Be Blessed and Encouraged!

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