Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Spring Vacation 2011 - Home Sweet Home

So this post is a bunch of random pics from our trip to St. Louis. Seriously, LOTS of randomness! Here we go!

This is the view of my parents back yard! LOVE coming home to this!!
Mom, Julie, Me and my cousin Mary

"The Farm" on the road to my parents house

I LOVE seeing this old barn...it's that old, worn red that just warms my soul every time I see it!

Caleb just chillin' on the screened in porch at Grandma & Papa's house!

Caleb's birthday present from the Leacock's, a cool beach towel and a pull string turtle for bath time!

Saying Thank You to the cousins for the birthday gifts!
A random picture, but I had to post because my sister's house is so stinkin' adorable!!
It has soooo much charm in every nook and cranny!
The decorations set out for Anthony's Birthday party. My nephew Anthony turned 9, holy cow I feel old!!
A Baskin Robbins Ice Cream Cake, first one I'd ever tasted and it was pure delight!
Oh.My.Gosh. Caleb had an absolute blast playing with the gift we gave Anthony for his birthday! I'm thinking the purchase of a Hot Wheels Racer is in our near future!

A PRICELESS rare moment, and one of my favorites from the entire trip!!
Sweet Sai, my cousin Mary's little boy, holding Asher! He LOVED holding Asher any moment he could!
Great Grandma with he great grandkids!

The bib says it all!
bath time in Grandma's kitchen sink!

I just can't get enough of that gorgeous view!
Caleb LOVED running around the deck too, so much space!

My boys!!!
I couldn't resist!

Sweet Zach! He is the best cat ever!!
So random, but so stinkin' cute!!

Our afternoon strolls!
My little "Smithy" (he's got A LOT of Smith in him!!)

Can't forget Settlers! What a fun game!!

Be Blessed and Encouraged!

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