Saturday, February 19, 2011

Slow Saturday

As expected, our Saturday was slow and uneventful(for the most part), which is why I love our Saturdays so much! Even though Asher woke up a couple times in the middle of the night, Aaron got up with him and got him right back to sleep. We're still convinced that he is teething and that it's just taking a while for that little booger of a tooth to arrive!

Once Asher woke up for good, I pulled him in bed with us and we had some sweet snuggle time (favorite Saturday event #1). Then, once Caleb woke up, we all got out of bed and daddy made french toast, bacon, and coffee (favorite Saturday event #2). Asher went down for a nap and we got some precious snuggle time with Caleb (favorite Saturday event #3). We watched Curious George together (favorite Saturday event #4), and then both boys went down for naps after lunch (favorite Saturday event #5). Once they were both down, I got some me time (favorite Saturday event #6) and went out to Firewheel. Yay for coffee (thanks to my leftover Christmas Giftcard) and some sweet time with my Savior (favorite Saturday event #7), and then spent a little time just walking around and window shopping (favorite Saturday event #8). Next, it was off to Target for some grocery shopping and perusing all the cute baby items (favorite Saturday event #9). After I got home Aaron threw some chicken on our Green Egg while I made some savory side dishes (favorite Saturday event #10). In the meantime, Caleb and I played with play-doh (favorite Saturday event #11). After dinner, it was time for baths (favorite Saturday event #12) normally, but tonight was a little bit rough. Caleb got some soap in his eye and completely freaked out. Of course, I was the one bathing him, and I freaked out too, trying to help him as much as I could by wiping his eye with a very wet washcloth. What an ordeal! I got him dressed in pj's and gave him some Tylenol to try and help with the leftover pain. His poor little eye was red even as I put him in bed. Once both boys were in bed we continued on with Season 8 of 24 and a large strawberry daquiri(favorite Saturday event #12).

What a wonderful day it's been! Now off to bed to get some rest for early church tomorrow!!

Be Blessed and Encouraged!

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