Friday, February 4, 2011

Icemageddon and Snowpocalapse 2011

Oh boy have we had a CRAZY week of weather here in North Texas! I know most of the country has, as well, but I think it's a little extra crazy since we just hardly ever get anything like this! It started out overnight Monday when the freezing rain hit. That continued into Tuesday and practically shut down the city. Since the temps were in the single digits at night and the teens during the day, with crazy low wind chills, the ice stayed. Then, it started snowing overnight Thursday, and what was supposed to be an inch or so, turned in to 6-8 inches! Now, coming from the midwest, there is nothing that I love more than winter weather, so of course, I've been in complete giddy heaven this week! However, I do live in Texas, and I'm pretty sure everyone I know "so over" this northern weather, and ready for spring. I say, "come snow, sit, stay a while, share some hot cocoa with me!"

Seriously, I've been desperately missing the mountains this week. Seeing all of the fresh powder today made me want to grab a snowboard and find the closest hill in Dallas, which I'm pretty sure doesn't even exist!

So, Aaron worked from home all week except Monday, and this morning, we bundled Caleb up and he took him out to the back yard and they played...for about ten minutes. Here are some shots Aaron got! I love them all!!!

Caleb got more and more excited about the snow the closer he got to it

It was so deep that it came up to his knees! CRAZY!!!

These two PRECIOUS little yorkies came out to play while they were out there. Caleb absolutely LOVES dogs of all kinds, and just loved watching them play in the snow. I couldn't help but post this picture, I mean, I want to scoop up that little honey and bring him home with me!!

Thank you Lord, for the wonderful winter wonderland outside this week! It made me not like living in Texas just a little less than normal!

Be Blessed and Encouraged!

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