Saturday, April 3, 2010

Off To The Market We Go!

This morning we made a trip to Firewheel Town Center to the Four Seasons Market. We made out first stop at Old Navy and walked out with 7 shirts for $35!!! Thank you Old Navy for your $5 polo shirt day, what a deal!!! Anyway, our next stop was the Market. I wasn't sure what to expect, but I knew that at least there would be a couple booths set up with fresh fruit and veggies from local area farmers and that was enough for me!!

We walked the entire setup once and thoroughly "inspected" what each booth had to offer. There were tons of food booths, including dips, salsas, breads, jewelry, bags, herbs & spices, meats and so much more. While I didn't buy as much as I WANTED to, I did get some great things...grape tomatoes, green beans, a huge chuck roast (dinner Tuesday night!!) and homemade bread that is divine! The pricing was very reasonable and since the Market is open from 9am - 2pm every Saturday throughout the year, you can bet we will be making many more trips for some more fresh and local foods!
A rainbow of choices, so delicious!!

Those fresh veggies looked amazing, and this was only one booth (out of about 10 food booths)!

We got there pretty early so I don't think it was nearly as busy as it is later in the morning/early afternoon, but it was so nice outside and a great chance to get out and walk!

Be Blessed and Encouraged!

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