Sunday, April 4, 2010

15 Months Old!

My sweet Caleb, you are 15 months old today, a big milestone apparently (you had a dr. appt to prove it)! The past month has been a B-I-G month for you with a few firsts and definitely some new quirks in your sweet personality! You are no longer my little baby, you are a little boy, and this momma doesn't quite know what to do with herself! March was a month that will definitely go down in history (or at least in your scrapbook) for many reasons...

1.) You took your first steps!!!! Sunday, March 21st!!!

2.) You are getting more teeth! I can't quite tell if it's your molars or not, but its definitely some of you big ones. Your top and bottom right one have broken through over the past couple weeks and I think this must be a contributing factor to your fussiness at random times during the day.

3.) When you don't get something you want, you cry, and your crying face is the cutest thing (see pictures below). this can include food, mommy holding you, toys, tv remote, going into the bathroom to rummage through the drawers, and so much more!

4.) You still love riding in the car, and now you know that when you see mommy getting dressed and putting shoes on that we're actually going somewhere!

5.) You love night night time, even if you don't fall asleep right away, you love being in your crib.

6.) There is not a food you won't eat, seriously it's like you eat like a manchild! Of course, I know this won't last forever so I'm taking for as long as I can!

7.) You know where your toes are, you know what sound sheep and doggies make, and you love to dance to any music!

8.) You still are obsessed with your books, and now bubbles too! You got some awesome bubbles for your birthday and we use them quite a few times a week!

9.) When I come in to get you up from your nap or in the morning you are SOOOO good to give mommy yoru pacy and your lovie so that I can put them back in your crib until next nap time. You never complain about it and almost throw them in my hand after I ask for them. I know this also will probably not last, but I'm holding out for this one!

10.) And my favorite thing from this past month, you have become SUCH a cuddler!!! There is nothing more that I love than cuddling with you at any moment of the day I can! You happily just cuddle on my lap and watch the morning news, or listen to music or read a book. You just love to cuddle, with daddy too, of course!

Here are some shots from the past month of your life, my little man!!
Where I'm bound to find you when you're not in the living room, in your nursery reading!

Haley making you laugh hysterically at Noah's soccer game! So precious!!

Such a sweet face!

Getting some sweet kisses from Katie!!

The outfit that made me realize you aren't a baby anymore!! Seriously!!

Just hangin' in the stroller at Firewheel staring at the fountain (you're favorite part)!

For some reason I just absolutely love this picture, you look so innocent!

Swinging - your newest FAVORITE thing to do! Everytime we get in the car, no matter what errands mommy is running, we always have to make a stop at the park and go for a quick ride!

I had to put this one up becuase I just love your precious eyes!!

Snuggling with my honey!!

You new shoes!! You're such a grown up little man!!


Even more drama!! (But such a cute drama face!!)

Daddy wrapped you up in your bathrobe for the first time last week and came out humming the Rocky theme song, I had to laugh and get a cute picture!!

Snuggling with daddy, you LOVE snuggling with daddy!!

Looking at pictures on daddy's iPhone with him! (This is one of my most favorites ever!)

This one too!!

Be Blessed and Encouraged!!

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