Thursday, July 16, 2009


Caleb and I had some visitors this morning! Noah and Haley came to play with us so Aunt Kars could go to the Dr. and make sure baby #3 was growing well. While Karla was gone, we had some FUN!!

We started off watching CARS, but after about 15 minutes Noah kept asking for the Einstein Numbers Video, so we switched! We watched the whole thing and both kids counted to 5 as we went through all the numbers and items shown. I even caught Haley say "Uno Cup" instead of "One Cup"! That was cool!

After the video, Noah found our camera and wanted to take some pictures, so of course I let him. Below are some of the pictres he took, and BTW, he's a great photographer!!

Miss momma Haley was ALL ABOUT little Caleb! He started fussing at one point and she went over to his toy box, brought back one of his pacy's and put it in his mouth saying "is nigh night time". PRECIOUS!! She then, of course, wanted to hold Caleb so I had her sit on the couch and I put him inbetween her legs, so as not to squish her. I mean they weigh about the same! Anyway, Noah got a super cute pic of that. She was just holding and hugging him, it was so sweet!

Thanks for coming to play you guys, we had a blast and can't wait to do it again soon! Maybe next time we can swim!! Love y'all so much!!

Noah and Caleb, he was so sweet with him, giving hugs and kisses galore!
Caleb has a great play friend in the days ahead!!
The one picture I got of the three kids. Noah was screaming "Cheese" and Haley was too. Caleb was confused, hence the worried look on his face! So fun!
Miss Haley, starting so young with the phone, watch out momma!! Before you know it, she's going to be stealing boys hearts with those big brown eyes!
Noah's version of me and Caleb, what a great job buddy!!
Sweet Momma Haley comforting a fussy Caleb. He didn't fuss at all while she was holding him, but as soon as I moved him away he started back up. He just wanted to be loved people!
Haley sitting in Caleb's chair. I was giving her babydoll to her to hold. So cute!
Noah's version of Caleb playing

The randomness of Noah's picture taking at it's peak!

Can't forget Noah's feet!

Be Blessed and Encouraged!

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Self Family said...

Thank you again so much for keeping the kids. They LOVED being with you and Caleb - Noah talked about it all the way home. And the random pics are hilarious -you gotta send them my way.