Thursday, July 16, 2009

Our New Ride & Caleb's New Ride

So, after searching hard for a replacement sedan (Toyota or Honda) and not finding one within our price range and requirements, we started looking at minivans (Toyota or Honda, again). The good news is that we had time. We were not in any kind of hurry, persay, to replace our current Camry, but we were looking for something sooner than later because the AC didn't work and the Texas heat is RIDICULOUS!! After researching vans we found one! I contacted the seller and we went to take a look at it, and LOVED it! The van was in mint condition and the price was perfect! Their only stipulation was tha they needed to hold on to it until the end of June, when they were moving. Since we didn't need it right away, we said sure and kept in contact for about a month before they called to let us know they were ready to make the sale. So, here she is! I've named her Maggie. I know, it's a little weird to name a van, but she is part of our family now and will be until the day that she dies! Welcome to the family, Maggie, we're SOOOOOO happy to have you!!

We also made another addition to the family for Caleb, his new carseat! Yes, this purchase signifies that he has officially outgrown his infant carrier!

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