Thursday, July 16, 2009

The Potty Pail

I know this might gross some of you out, so if baby poop hits a sharp cord with you, just bypass this whole post all together!

Ok, for those of you who might actually be reading on, I've struck G-O-L-D!!! Now this type of product that is gold to me, might not mean much to you if you have a utility room/sink and/or a vegetable sprayer, but here at our place, we have neither, so this truly is GOLD!

I saw this product advertized on a baby website and since I had already been made aware of the BumGenius Diaper Sprayer (and it's hefty price), I decided to take a look at this product and compare. Here's what I've found out...

1. It's a great price for all that you get with it. The cost is $59.95 + S&H. For that low price you get the hose/sprayer attachement for the toilet, as well as the actual pail which also includes 2 diaper hooks, a rubber stopper, pail lid and an off toilet drip tray. If I remember correctly, the BumGenius Diaper Sprayer was $44.95 and all you get is the actual sprayer.

2. As you can see in the picture below, I am taking full advantage of the system. The pail sits right on top of my toilet and the diaper hangs on the two hooks. The sprayer also comes with an adjustable pressure knob, so that you can make it stronger and faster or slower. I've got it set to medium, if I set it any higher the water splashes out (which means I have to bleach the whole bathroom just to get rid of the germs that just sprayed onto my rug and floor! YUK!!).

3. It only took me about 5 minutes to rinse 5 poopy diapers, and now, I have the stinky liners soaking in the pail in water, just to get them pre-rinsed and ready for the wash tomorrow. The other cool thing about this is that the lid is air tight, and you can leave the hose hanging on the pail even with the lid on it because they were very smart and made a cutout to fit the hose perfectly!

All in all, this was WELL WORTH the investment! I now don't have to Lysol and Bleach everywhere that I've had a dirty diaper because all I have to do is take it off Caleb, rinse it out in my Potty Pail and stick it in my dirty diaper tupperware until it's laundry day! And once I'm done rinsing and soaking everything, all I have to do is flush the toilet!

I can see myself saving so many minutes of my day by having this now!! YAY!


Katrina said...

I am a mom and that is just gross. :)

Anonymous said...

And I thought cloth were supposed to be cheaper...until you have to buy all this stuff too! :-)

Jill Garcia (Smith) said...


Since I'm not sure who you are, I don't know what all you are aware of about cloth diapers so I'll just give you a bit of information.

Cloth diapering is definitely less expensive. You can spend up to $2880 on disposables for only 1 child, or you can spend around $300 - $400 on cloth diapers, cloth wipes and the potty pail, for as many babies as you have, and they will fit them from birth up to potty training.

Also know that all "this stuff" is not a necessity, it's a tool that helps, but not a necessity. We chose to purchase this because it cuts my cleaning time in half, which allows me to spend more time with my family. It also helps me out personally because we do want to use our cloth diapers for all the babies we have and not have to buy new ones, so I'm much more careful about taking really good care of them.

We do keep disposables in the house for when we go to church or if he gets a rash, but other than that we stick to the cloth, and it works out great for our family.

Anyway, I just didn't want anyone to think that going cloth costs about the same because it still does not even come close to the same cost as disposables, both financially and cost on the environment as well.

You can also read a blog post I did a while back on the benefits of cloth diapering and going green here:

Jill :-)

KVilla said...

Even with all this "stuff", cloth diapering is still way cheaper than disposables. Good for you Jill. I love your potty pail. Thanks for sharing!