Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Name Change

So, for the past however many years I've had this blog it's always been called "Letters From A Searching Heart". Well, today, I realized that my blog posts have changed content and I just didn't feel like my original title followed suit, so I changed my blog name to "Life's Little Adventures".

I realize this name might be kind of general, but my reasoning behind the change is that we've changed life stages (Life's), we now have a little guy, well, semi-little (Little), and there is always a new adventure around the corner, from every one of Caleb's Firsts, to all of MY Firsts that come along with having my first baby (Adventures). So, that's how "Life's Little Adventures" came to be, just in case anyone was curious!

Ok, that's all for this post! On to finish catching up with the rest!! More to follow!

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