Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Mission Statements

A few weeks ago I visited the Franklin Covey website (for about the millionth time!). While I know that it is a Mormon based company, they have some great principles and truths that they speak and act on.

There is a "Mission Statement Builder" on the website and after contemplating for quite some time, actually writing a mission statement, I went ahead and took the plunge. Let me just say, it is so much fun, but reading over it after I was finished, I've got PLENTY to work on!!

I'm posting my mission statement because I know that most of the people who read my blog know AND love me so much that they will hopefully hold me accountable to my actions and keep me on track with it! So here it goes...

I am at my best when I’ve had sleep, coffee and some quiet time with the Lord.

I will try to prevent times when I’m overtired, hungry and have not spent time with the Lord.

I will find enjoyment in my work by doing things that I am passionate about, and creating an environment where I can create and use my creative gifts the Lord has given me. A place where I can brainstorm freely with new product ideas, where I can bring to life, inspiring, one of a kind products, that I hope will help bring joy into others lives through memory keepsakes and so much more. I will find additional opportunities to use my natural talents and gifts such as Creativity, Art Planning, Writing & Organizing, Multi-Tasking and Time Management.

I will find joy in my personal life through my personal relationship with Jesus Christ at the forefront of each and every day. I will find joy in my sweet little baby boy, Caleb. When he looks at me first thing in the morning, there is almost nothing more satisfying during my days home with him than that. I will find joy even when my circumstances are not ideal (i.e. – living in Dallas instead of the mountains, etc...)

I can do anything I set my mind to. I desire open a small studio/store where I not only sell my products, but also offer a place for other women to come and put their creative juices to good use through scrapbooking/crafting/sewing etc....

My life’s journey is an adventure. I’m a follower of Christ first, but a wife and mommy come in a close second. I am passionate about motherhood. I’m passionate about my sweet baby boy. I’m passionate about my marriage and learning how to be a Proverbs 31 woman. I am also a small business owner, a creative gal who is passionate about creating simple organizational tools for everyday women as well as creating memories that will last a lifetime through scrapbooking type products.

I will be a person who Aaron, my child(ren), my friends can trust. Nothing would be more complimenting to me than to hear that I have not only been a great wife, mother and friend, but that I have been a woman truly devoted to Christ. I have not wasted my life away by watching mindless TV and movies. I have not wasted my life away by sleeping away countless memories that I could have made with my family. I have not wasted my life away working. I chose to honor the Lord with my time and my resources that He has blessed me with. I spent my life living the I’m 3rd lifestyle. I’ve consistently put God 1st, Others 2nd, and myself 3rd. I have constantly put others needs before my own. I have had an open door policy in my home. I have loved on and discipled more kids than just my biological child(ren) over the years and continue to make myself and my home available to those children in need. I provide for my family love, honor, respect, trust and availability. I am filled with the joy of the Lord and even when I have hard days, I realize that it is only for a time, that my life here on earth is temporary, and that one day, I will meet my maker face to face.

My most important future contribution will be sacrificial and unconditional love, patience, understanding, discipleship, discipline, giving and time. I want to love my family and friends sacrificially. I want to have patience even in trying times. I want to be understanding when things don’t go quite the way I think they should. I want to shepherd my children well. I want to teach them and guide them through life’s most important decisions. I want them to know the love of Christ like nothing else they’ve ever experienced. I want to discipline my children well so that they know without a doubt how much I love them. I want to give myself, my time, and my resources as much as possible. I want to offer up my home for those in need. I want to feed as many mouths as can fit around my table. I want to give love, I want to give grace, I want to give mercy, I want to give everything that the Lord gives to me and more. My time is not my own. My time here on this earth is the Lord’s.

I will stop procrastinating and start working on:
Keeping my house clean.
Teaching my sweet boy the love of Christ.
Having an open mind and heart towards orphans and praying over the possibility of adoption and fostercare.
Not wasting away my days in front of the TV. I will not be lazy. I will have discipline.

I will strive to incorporate the following attributes into my life:
Passion for the truth of the Word of God.
Passion for others.
Unconditional love for my family.

I will constantly renew myself by focusing on the four dimensions of my life:
Be a devoted follower of Christ, living the I’m 3rd lifestyle. Do not waste away my days with mindless things, but spend time each day with my Maker, Savior, Lord.

Eat organically and healthy. Feed my family organically and healthy. Be disciplined with a workout routine, whatever I decide is best for me depending on my life stage.

Declutter my life. Declutter my mind by taking action, not just thinking about taking action, or even just planning to take action, ACTUALLY TAKE ACTION!!!

Don’t allow my friendships and relationships to ever become a one-way street on my part. Always remember that the relationships I have are a blessing from the Lord, and are here to keep me accountable to living my life according to the Word of God. Do not allow myself to become overwhelmed with life. Do not be afraid to ask for help. Do not discount the power of prayer. Do not let my emotions bottle up inside. Do not be afraid to share what is on my heart, even if it means a difficult conversation. And finally, have a teachable spirit.

This is my Mission Statement.

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