Monday, June 7, 2010

Splash Park

Saturday we took you to your first splash park. Richardson area pools were opening that day and so from 1-8pm everything was free! It took you a while to warm up to the idea of the splash park, but after a short bit, you clearly were having a blast!

This picture captures the essence of your excitement! You absolutely loved the water and fountains!

You were so fascinated by the tall fountains that you just stood underneath and stared up at them. You did this quite a few times!

Be Blessed and Encouraged!


Katie said...

How fun! We have yet to take Julia to a splash park. Let us know the next time you want to go, and maybe she and I can join you.

Vicki said...

Fun!! The Garcias' neighborhood has a little kiddie pool and water activity thing. Make sure to bring your suits when ya'll come in July, just in case! We're very excited to see you guys!