Monday, June 7, 2010

Playgroup Friends

This past week we've had some great opportunities to have some friends over to play! Last Friday we had Joanna and Rebekah over so that their momma could have a little break. We had a blast with them, especially Caleb, and they all played so well together! Then, today, we had Luke over to play as well and they too, had so much fun playing! We're full of playdates this summer and I won't document all of them, but since this was some of the first few I wanted to get a few pics, so here you go!!

The twins absolutely LOVED sitting on Caleb's couch, they sat there and played almost the whole time!

I gave them a special treat and we watched an episode of Dora, and the had so much fun! I couldn't help get a picture of all three of them just sitting there!

Luke and Caleb also loved sharing the couch and they did quite well with it too!

Ok, I absolutely LOVE this picture of Luke!

Snack Time!

Be Blessed and Encouraged!

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