Friday, June 4, 2010

17 Months

Oh, my sweet little man, you are 17 months old now! You have grown SOOOOO much in the past month, physically, mentally and emotionally! I wish I could freeze time right about now and just stare at you forever. You are such a precious gift and I truly DO NOT want to forget this moment in time. Here is what has happened in the past month...

1. YOU ARE WALKING!!!!! I already did a separate post on this, I know, but this is a HUGE deal, and an even bigger answer to my prayers, as I really wanted (needed) you to be walking before your baby brother arrives. You took your first real steps within seconds of moving in to our new home on May 22nd, and haven't stopped since!! It is so amazing to watch you develop in this particular area becuase when I look at your face, you are so determined and I can almost see your brain developing and telling your body exactly what to do.

2. You eat more than I do, and I'm pregnant! Seriously, a normal dinner for you consists of a full chicken breast, two types of veggies and fresh fruit for dessert. You are going to eat us out of house and home before you're two!! THANK YOU for being my little eating champ. Believe me when I say that I know how much of a blessing this is to have a child who will eat anything, literally!

3. You are still in transition to taking your one nap after lunch, but I think mommy has figured out a way to make this work...just keep you super busy until 11:30 when I can feed you lunch and then you crash by noon and sleep for 2-3 hours!

4. You are expressing yourself more through frustration and disobedience now, especially when I try to change your diaper. You arch your back and make it very hard for me to maneuver a clean diaper on to that cute little bottom of yours! I understand that your frustration is normal, and it's part of your brain development, so mommy has spent LOTS of time praying for patience, and praying for the right response as you continue to grow in this area. THANK YOU for how good you have obeyed when asked the past few days, even if you don't want to. I know that this is in part becuase mommy truly is being more patient and kind with you, and explaining what it means to be obedient, even if you don't fully grasp it now, I know in the near future you will. I only ask these things of you becuase I want the best for you and I love you so much!

5. Now that you are walking, you absolutely LOVE going to the mall play areas where you have free reign to walk and crawl with tons of other kids just like you! You thrive on being around other people, I can already tell, and that is such confirmation to me that you were not meant to be an only child! I thank the Lord even more since that realization, for your little brother that's coming! It gets me even more excited to see your relationship with him and how it will grow over the years!

6. You have kind of regressed in talking, but that's ok, I've read that it's normal for little boys. I'm still trying to teach you new words, and I have the feeling that one day, it will all come back to you and you'll be talking up a storm!

7. You love to give mommy and daddy "loves". It's kind of hard to explain, but we know what it is and it's priceless!!! (consists of a type of baby hug & kiss)

8. Now that we don't have TV anymore we've had to cut out Curious George and this makes me sad. I know how much you love George. Hopefully I can get a couple DVDs for you soon. In the meantime, you like Thomas and Dora that we watch on Netflix, and you are becoming familiar with VeggieTales too! We don't watch these things often, as they are a special treat, but whenever I ask if you want to watch Thomas you get super super excited!

9. You have actually gone down a size in your cloth diapers! Not that you are losing weight, you are just getting taller and taller! You can now reach things on the dining room table and mommy's desk! The way you stand on your tippy toes is so stinkin' cute! You curl your toes under, which I'm sure works great since you still have so much of your baby fat on top of your feet!

10. You still love to cuddle with us at night (and sometimes during the day before nap time too)!! Oh how this momma thrives on this precious time when you bury your sweet little face into me and let me rock you! Truly, I don't know how I would get through somedays without this one precious moment!

Here are some pictures fo you from the past month. You still are the spittin' image of your daddy, but that's ok, since he's pretty cute to begin with, it makes it that much easier to absolutely adore you!!

Mommy & Daddy love you so very much Caleb and can't believe that you are almost officially a toddler. You bring so much joy and love to our family. Your sensitivity and compassion already shine so much in your personality. I cherish our meal times together during the day when we memorize scripture and pray (even though I'm not fully consistent with it, I'm getting there)!! I can't wait to see the man you become, and we both pray every single day that you know Jesus personally as you grow up!

My 2nd Mother's Day, but 1st picture of us on Mother's Day, I forgot to get one last year so this one is extra special!!

Your sweet little shy face you make

This has become one of your favorite activites as of late. You LOVE to read, especially when you can do it laying down!!
Just chillin'

My favorite pj's that you have pretty much outgrown, well, the pants at least!
1st swim of the season! LOVE this innocent look you have

Oh that precious smile that I just can't get enough of!!

And another favorite face...what I like to call your serious face

Be Blessed and Encouraged!


Katie said...

SUCH precious pictures - just adorable. He is looking so much older to me as of late!

Self Family said...

I cannot believe you are already 17months old. You are such the big boy and clearly a JOY to so many. We love your smile and that innocent little laugh. We love you buddy so much!!