Monday, June 21, 2010

Father's Day

Our Father's Day was pretty uneventful, but the one thing that we did was take Caleb to the play area at The Galleria. He LOVES going to any mall and playing, especially now that he can walk, and to have Daddy with us was an extra special treat! As you can see in the pics below, Aaron played and walked with Caleb (and kept him safe from all the older kids who kept knocking him over - grrr). Anyone who knows my hubby, knows that Caleb looks just like him, and I must say, these pics are proof of that statement...

Happy Father's Day to my wonderful husband! Aaron, you are such a blessing to this little family of ours. I LOVE watching you interact with Caleb, reading to him and playing with him. He clearly LOVES his daddy, and is absolutely thrilled to see you when you walk through the front door every night! Thank you for loving us so well, and for seeking out the Lord in how you (we) parent! I love this journey we are on together and I love you so very very much!!

Probably one of my absolute favorites of Caleb & Aaron! Both looking at me and genuinely smiling!!!

Watching Curious George with daddy

Playing at the mall play area

I particularly like the faces of both my boys in the above picture, so funny!!

Be Blessed and Encouraged!

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Travis and Andrea said...

so cute! He is getting so big. I couldn't believe how long his hair is getting since I saw him last. Still a good lookin little man!!! :)