Sunday, May 1, 2011

Our Week

We've had a great week! Lots of hanging out at home since the boys are both really struggling with allergies. Not what I would have ideally chosen, but it was kind of nice to be lazy for a while! Here are some pics from our week!

Ok, this 1st one is random, and I'm more putting it on here for memories sake than anything else, but this is the end result of me breaking my horrible nail biting habit! Woot Woot for me! (This is a big deal, if you can't tell!)
We did happen to make it out of the house Tuesday and met a friend at the playground. Caleb had a blast(yay!), and Asher didn't take a nap (boo!), so it ended up being a rough day, but totally worth it!
Love my biggest honey!!
Coloring, oh. my. goodness. He LOVES coloring! And I love Color Wonder! Colors only on the special paper, and no where else!!
Drama, drama, drama!! This has been a recurring thing in our house for the past couple months when we don't continue to do something that Caleb wants. This time it was daddy pouncing him down on the couch. He had already done it at least a dozen times and Caleb was coming to me crying and looking for comfort since daddy wouldn't do it anymore. I had to get a pic!
Sticker boy! Thanks Sunday Dallas Morning News for the free (and really big) stickers! My boy loves stickers!!
Poor Asher and his allergies! He looks pathetic!
A little mohawk action, thanks to a bath and daddy's masterful hands!
Asher fell asleep eating his bottle in daddy's arms today, so PRECIOUS!!!
As much as I dislike Mondays, I'm hoping tomorrow will be a good one. It's supposed to be 50 degrees and rainy, so it should make for a great movie/snuggle day at home!!

Be Blessed and Encouraged!

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