Monday, May 30, 2011

May Fun

What a FUN May we've had! I can't believe it's already over with. As we head in to June, the beginning of my least favorite season of the year here in Texas, summer, I know that we'll have tons more pictures to post of pool time, BBQ's and much more, but for now, most of our pics are still indoor ones! Here are my favorites from the month! Enjoy!

LOVE this little honey and all his crazy hair!!

Daddy and Asher at Miss Julia's 3rd Birthday Party as ASI! We all had a blast!
Not the clearest picture, but I just love Asher's facial expression!
Sweet boy! Those eyes melt my heart everytime!
A sweet friend of mine gave Caleb this AWESOME fire truck. It was her sons when he was little, about 16 years ago, and everything on it still works great! it turns on, the ladder goes up and down, there's a cool siren and horn, and it makes noises when you move it forward and backwards. Caleb loves it! He also loves his trains, which apparently needed saving from something!
The boys first bath together! Asher cracks me up!
They are SUCH GREAT brothers and are so fond of each other! I am so excited to see how their relationship continues to grow and develop over the years, I think they'll be great friends!
Toon Time!! Thomas is a hit in our household!
Caleb's friend Luke comes over to play every other Tuesday morning and this week they wanted to do playdoh, oh the fun!!
Oh how Caleb loves his "applehotsaucea" or apple sauce as we grownups know it as!
Jumping on the trampoline at Julia's party. It's a fuzzy picture, but you can still see the sheer joy on Caleb's face and I just love it!!
Julia's Birthday party guests! What a blast we all had!
Nothing better than cake and capri sun!
Caleb and Dylan playing together, I think they are going to be best buds!
Caleb concentrating on his trains! Some friends of ours are letting us babysit their AWESOME train table while they are in the process of moving this summer. Every morning Caleb gets up and comes out and screeches in excitement when he sees it!

Getting some tickle time with Daddy! Priceless!!
curled up watching a toon. He loves it when I tuck him in like it's nite nite time!
Found Caleb coloring like this this morning, just like I used to as a kid!!!

Thought this one was a cool shot!
Hope everyone has had a great month! Happy Summer!!

Be Blessed and Encouraged!

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