Monday, May 9, 2011

Mother's Day 2011

Let me start by saying that this truly was an entire weekend of pampering, thanks to my amazing hubby!! Friday, some beautiful flowers were delivered to me at home! What a wonderful surprise! Then, Saturday morning, Aaron loaded Caleb up in the van while Asher was napping, and the two went grocery shopping for me! HUGE blessing (and TOTALLY speaking my love language)!! I spent Saturday relaxing, and enjoying my boys. Saturday night was a rough one for Asher, but Aaron got up with him every time, and after two hours, he finally went back to sleep!

Sunday we went to church and then headed back home. Once the boys were down for naps, I got to get out by myself for a little bit. I had some CityCash to spend at New York & Co so I headed over to Firewheel (my favorite outside place to go). I found a couple things I wanted to get and thanks to my parents, got to spend a little extra on myself! Thanks mom & dad! Next, I grabbed a pretzel and coke icee from Auntie Anne's and sat in front of the beautiful fountain for a good 30 minutes, just enjoying watching other families walk by, and reflecting on how wonderful and blessed I am to be a mommy to my two precious boys. My next stop was Joann Fabrics for a bit more shopping (more practical than "fun") and then my last stop was Starbucks for my half price happy hour venti mocha frappuccino! WOO HOO!

We went to our favorite little hole-in-the-wall italian restaurant for dinner and then off to the park for a few pictures. We're realizing that Caleb is just at that age that he doesn't like having his picture taken, so it's been a struggle to get him to look at the camera, much less smile. With that said, here are some pics we did get. As you can see, the first few are "practice" ones...

And then we get the perfect ones!!!

Be Blessed and Encouraged!

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