Saturday, September 25, 2010

A New Fascination

My sweet Caleb, you have a new found obsession with momma's wallet! Although I don't allow you to destroy it every time you want, for special occasions (i.e. - when mommy is feeding Asher, when you get a little ansy while we're out, or just because I know you like to) I will let you take everything out. I guess it's a good way for me to keep my wallet cleaned out! Anyway, it's super cute how fascinated you are with each little thing that you take out. You spend at least 15 minutes undoing it, and then you like to stand up, and admire your handiwork. I just couldn't help but post these cure pictures of you at the hospital cleaning out my wallet! I love you my sweet honey!!

Looking at pictures
throwing each piece to the side so you can get more

admiring your great accomplishment!

Be Blessed and Encouraged!


Travis and Andrea said...

Paige like so to go through my wallet too. She doesn't throw everything in it on the floor, but she would take everything out and hold it (or walk off with it) if I let her.

Sally said...

ha, ha. Sadie totally loves to do this too! It cracks me up! Love that you got it documented in pictures:) Hope you guys are doing well with the new baby!