Sunday, March 7, 2010

14 Months Old

My sweet honey! You are now 14 months old! I thought that one year was big, but I just feel like you are so much more grown up now than you even were two months ago! Here are some thins that I don't want to forget about this past month...

1. You are starting to understand what I've been teaching you each day. When asked what sound a sheep makes you say, "Ahh Ahh" (doesn't quite get the "b" sound at the beginning, but does it with a raspy voice, so cute!!)

2. You say, "ny ny" which is code for Night Night time, but you say it all throughout the day so I don't think you've quite made the connection yet!

3. You are standing on your own for 5-10 seconds at a time

4. You love to open and close ANYTHING possible!

5. You are back to one nap, which is great! What a schedule opener it is, truly! And now that mommy has some energy back it makes it easier to actually get out and do fun things!

6. You just said, "Ba" (Ball) yesterday for the first time when mommy asked you about it!

7. You still love food, and I'm SOOOOOO thankful for this! You have gone back to liking peas, which makes it even better!

8. You just about jump out of your skin whenever mommy asks if you, "want to take a ride in the car?!?" You LOVE riding in the car, even if you never get out until we get back home


10. You got to experience you first snow, and you thought it was, lets just say, interesting...

Here are just a few of my favorite pictures from this past month, you are such a big boy, no more baby in you!!

Just sitting reading your books, oh how you love to read!!

Checking out the snow!

The snowsuit that Papa bought you, that unfortunately doesn't fit!

Exploring the white stuff

I get lost in those big brown eyes everytime I look at you! You beautiful boy (yes, I'm partial!)

All smiles when you're looking out the patio door!

You LOVE it when Daddy gives you fast rides down the hallway in your laundry basket!

The mohawk daddy gave you after your bath last week, we couldn't get your hair to "lay down" again until your next bath, no matter how hard we tried!

I LOVE your profile!!

This is your "focused" face, you spend a lot of time with this expression on that cute face of yours! You have been a studier since day one!

This is one of my favorite pictures of you because it captures the essence of your eyelashes! They are long and so stinkin' beautiful and it's hard to see them when we look directly at you.

You stand at the TV like this anytime I put on Little Einsteins and Curious George, which is not that often, hence the excitement of standing directly in front of the TV. Don't worry, I move you back almost immediately to make sure your eyes aren't damaged!

My honey, baby, love...there is nothing that is more rewarding in life than being your momma! You are an absolute blessing and one of my greates adventures! I thank the Lord each and every day for you and will till the day I die! I love you my precious son!!

Be Blessed and Encouraged!

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Self Family said...

Great post - adorable pics of a handsome little man. Love the hair sticking straight up and the smiling pic in the bath. Where did the time go?