Monday, March 8, 2010

Just Couldn't Help Myself

So Saturday morning Aaron went in to get Caleb up and called out for me, which is unusual. When I went in, Caleb was screaming and as I looked down, he had poopy stuck to his poor little bottom. We think he pooped close to after we put him down for bed and didn't wake up again. Poor little guy! As we gently cleaned him off he cried in pain, and I cried with him. His little bottom was completely red and raw. After doing a post on FB to get some ideas on what I could do to clear this up quick, we decided to go with a baking soda bath and some naked time.

How could I resist taking some pictures of my naked baby? He's just so stinkin' cute!

I just LOVE all those rolls he still has on his thighs!! He's lost some of his rolls on the top half of his body, but not on the bottom half thank goodness!!

Sweet boy is doing better, but still healing. The redness and rawness has greatly decreased and he doesn't cry anymore when I change him. It had been months and months since he had a diaper rash, so I'm thankful that this one has been so short lived!! Can't wait to get him back in those cute cloth diapers of his!!

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