Wednesday, March 31, 2010

April Challenge

For the month of April, we are joining some of our friends in a challenge to not eat out for ANY meal or snack. I'm talking about no Starbucks or Einstein Bagels runs, no Sonic runs, no McD's, Wendy's or Chick-Fil-A for lunch either! We're doing this for multiple reasons, but really just to see how much money we can save, and in turn how much better we can truly use the financial resources the Lord has given us, in the best way possible. I will be cooking with a conscience mind of what exactly is going in my recipes and will try to use as much fresh produce, fruit and organic meats, poultry and ingredients as financially possible. Our bodies are not our own, and it is our job, while on this earth, to take care of them, and use them for the glory of God, in ALL ways possible!

To help out with what could end up being a little stressful to cook and eat everything at home, every Tuesday I will be cooking double and feeding the family we're doing the challenge with, and they will in turn do the same for us on Thursdays! How nice to know that I will only be cooking 4-6 nights of the week instead of all 7!!

I've already planned out our meals for the entire month and will post the weekly meal plans on Mondays, as I did today! I'm so excited about this and even though it will take a lot more effort and stamina, I'm ready for the challenge! My grocery trips are planned for Sunday afternoons (except for this week, I'll go tomorrow night, since I got a late start), and I will be stocking up on everything I need for that week only. I'll be posting my weekly shopping trip cost just to keep track of spending and also to help hold me accountable to what I'm purchasing.

So, here we go!!

Be Blessed and Encouraged!

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Kim said...

That's awesome Jill! Good luck!