Friday, February 5, 2010

13 Months Old

Caleb, you're 13 months old! Again, momma can't believe it! I think time has officially gone in to over drive! You are my sweet little honey and continue to amaze me at how quickly you learn things! Here are some things I don't want to forget about this stage of your precious little life:

1. You have officially said your first word!!!! And of course it has to do with food (would there be anything different?!?). "More" pronounced "Mo Mo". When you want more food, you say Mo Mo and sign More. It's precious!

2. You have gone from two naps to one nap and back to two naps! I'm really ok with either but can we just figure out which one it's going to be? I'd pick one nap becuase that means you sleep in more in the morning, but that's just me being selfish!

3. Dr. visits are expensive, but I'd rather know you are perfectly healthy than wonder...praising the Lord for providing the funds to pay for all these tests and trusting him to continue to provide!

4. You LOVE to look at pictures on mommy and daddy's iPhones! Whenever we have them out and say pictures you come speed crawling and laughing in excitement!

5. You have officially rejected your first food: peas. Just like your dad. Bummer, peas are one of my favorites.

6. You like to come in to the bathroom while mommy or daddy are in there, and open and close the bottom drawer over and over again.

7. You LOVE to read!!! You know when books are upside down and quickly turn them around, and you listen with much intent whenever daddy reads to you.

8. You know how to blink, dance, clap and cough on demand, it's hilarious!!

9. You like to go walking at the store with mommy and people watch (just like me)!

10. You still wake up from night terrors every once in a while, but that means we get to come in and cuddle with you, and there is nothing more precious than that for this momma!

Here are some pics over taken over the past few weeks, enjoy!

Blinking - it's so cute in person!

Caleb had RSV earlier this month, after being sick for almsot two months, and we had to give him breathing treatments. He did FABULOUS during these, I think he could tell such a difference that he actually got kind of excited when he had them.

Playing with his sound puzzle and learning all the different sounds the animals make

Sweet laughter!

Our little drooly monster!

Loves his pacy!

Be Blessed and Encouraged!

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