Monday, February 15, 2010

Our Monday Adventures...


So, today was an adventure! Over the past couple months Caleb has been losing weight (VERY small amounts) and so we've had to go through a couple different rounds of testing just to make sure that it's not caused by anything other than the fact that he's growing taller and losing some of his extra baby fat. A couple weeks ago, we went through torture at the Dr's office as he had his first blood draw in the arm (liek us adults have it done). That was MISERABLE and I think a few tears fell from my eyes. Sweet boy. When all of those tests came back fine I was very relieved.

The next step was to have a "sweat test" done to test for Cystic Fibrosis. Now, I had absolutely no idea what exactly Cystic Fibrosis was and so of course I went and googled it. What a mistake!!! Talk about completely scaring a parent! Although looking at the different symptoms and then looking at my child, I would be absolutely shocked if he did have it. Either way, today we went to Children's Hospital and had him tested. The wait was long, and the test even longer, but little man did great, all things considered.

The test is pretty strange. First, they put a solution on his forearms, and then hook him up to electrodes at a VERY low current, explained to me as feeling like when our foot falls asleep and is waking back up. They leave the current going for 5 minutes and then they take it off, put on a little round circle paper looking thing, and then wrap his arm (wrist to almost shoulder) with plastic, saran wrap and the gauze they use to make casts out of, but they leave it dry so it doesn't harden. They repeat the same thing on the other arm, and then we wait 30 minutes before it all comes off.

Needless to say, the hardest part was the getting it all on. Once it was all on, Caleb did great! We watched Shrek, ate some snacks and played with a couple toys. Here are a few pictures from our adventure (taken on my iPhone so quality on some aren't that great, sorry)!

Chillin' in the waiting room watching Camp Rock

Playing with mommy's sunglasses Waiting in the room where the test takes place A picture after all the drama Caleb waving to the camera!
His sweet little arms, they looked so cute all wrapped up! He did so good!

Thank you Lord for your sovereignty. Although we are praying for a negative test result, we are trusting you in all things, and know that your plan for Caleb's life is so much greater than our own!

Be Blessed and Encouraged!

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Emily Osborne said...

Jill & Aaron, we will be praying for your family and sweet Caleb! He looks like he did such a good job during the tests! What a laid back little guy!!