Friday, September 19, 2008

Our Crib Is Here...In Pieces That Is!

Caleb's crib was delivered on Wednesday!! It was such a fun surprise to pull into our driveway and see the big boxes on the front porch!! I couldn't wait to get them open, so I carefully "rolled" them in our frontdoor, right into what will be the nursery (even though it doesn't look like it right now). As much as I could pull out myself, I did, but I was good, and waited on the heavy stuff until Aaron got home.

Since I really want to document the nursery transformation, here are a few pictures of what we have accomplished so far with the crib. As some of you know, this space was once a VERY FULL and DISORGANIZED office for my home business, Express Yourself! Creations. I have since "moved in" with Aaron in his office, and we've started to add little pieces of Caleb's room to the space, including a new rug, which has been by far the best deal yet ($40 at Bed, Bath & Beyond). So, as you can see, we've got all of the pieces of the crib laying out, but that's about as far as we've made it. Maybe next week I'll be able to post some "action" shots of Aaron putting it together!

*ALL traces of pink will be gone from this room before Caleb makes his grand entrance, I promise!*

Also, we're heading off to Houston today for the weekend. It will definately be interesteing to see 1. How long it acutally takes us to get to Aaron's family's house (normally a 4.5 hour drive), and 2. What Hurricaine devastation really looks like in person. I will be taking many pictures and will post those as well once we get back. Please pray for safety as we travel, and that we would be able to find places to stop along the way for bathroom breaks (more for me), food and gas if we need it.

Be Blessed and Encouraged,


Self Family said...

YEAH - Can't wait to see it...what fun pics to document the transformation - great idea.

Hooked on Houses said...

It's so much fun setting up a nursery! I loved doing the ones for both of my kids. Whenever I see the cute nurseries in Pottery Barn catalogs, I think, "Maybe we need to have one more..." -Julia ;-)