Tuesday, September 2, 2008


I had my OB appointment this morning and it went very well. I was going into it with quite a few questions, and Dr. Riegel was great to take the time to answer all of them thoroughly for me, which of course helps a 1st time mommy-to-be feel so much better and at ease!

My 1st concern/question was the fact that I thought I had started having Braxton Hicks contractions within the past couple weeks. Dr. Riegel explained what exactly Braxton Hicks are, when I should and shouldn't be having them and then after I explained what they felt like, he informed me that they were not Braxton Hicks, but in fact were some type of Uterus contractions. He gave me the medical term, but of course, I don't remember. He said it's nothing to worry about though.

I also explained about the excruiating lower back pain I've been having, and of course, "it's just a part of pregnancy". Oh so sad to hear that. He did however suggest seeing a chiropractor. He normally refers his patients with higher amounts of lower back pain to a chiropractor and said it has a very high rate of success. The great thing is that my physical therapist shares an office with a chiropractor so I will be making a call this week to set up an appointment!

My last question was about having another sonogram. I've heard that it's normal to get another one at 28 weeks or right around there, but have now been informed that I was misinformed. The Association for Obstectrics and Gynocology does not recommend any sonograms during a pregnancy, although they have become the norm, it's more of an "informational procedure" for the Doctor and the patient, but is not mandatory. Therefore, Dr. Riegel has made me aware that because of this, and becuase of the fact that most insurance companies give such grief to the Doctors for performing too many sonograms, that unless they "have to" perfom another one due to an unhealthy mommy or baby or baby's not growing enough, I will probably not have another one. I'm acutally ok with that though. Dr. Riegel also asked why I wanted to have another one, and I told him, "to be completely honest, to have the sex of the baby confirmed." He then referenced the latest sonogram pictures in my chart and explained to me his philosophy on how he determines the sex as well as what he actually tells patients when doing so. He told me that if he had any doubt it was a boy, he would not have said anything, and that him saying he is 90% sure, which he did in our last appointment, was his way of saying, "I see little boy parts, and you're having a boy." He said no doctor can give a much higher percentage of confirmation because of it becoming a liability, which would give people an open door to sue if the baby came out the opposite sex. I explained all of this to Aaron and I think it helped, somewhat, but we didn't really have time to talk on the phone when I told him.

So there are all of my clarifications for today. I'm excited to be able to move along! I'll be posting a few other new posts this week along with some pictures!

Be Blessed and Encouraged!


Chrys and Mike said...

i see a chiro throughout each of my pregnancies. it has always helped a lot. i hope it helps you, too.

she even helped with coaxing the baby into the right position when he was not head down towards the end. she also got me aligned so that i could hopefully go into labor on my own. i think it worked b/c i saw her on saturday and had the baby the next day!


Self Family said...

Glad the appt went well and you got your questions answered. Bummer on no other sono but I am not surprised by the doctor's explanation. Pretty common to not do another unless there's a reason.