Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Babie - The Best Furry Friend in the World...

Babie, my favorite cat growing up. I remember adopting him while my parents were on their honeymoon, November 1995. He was the "runt" of the litter, but you would never be able to tell now! As soon as I laid eyes on him, I had to have him. He was around 7 weeks old at the time, and he nuzzled his sweet little head right into my neck as soon as I picked him up! From that instant, HE WAS MINE!

We had some great times together. He would sleep with me almost every night as a kitten, curled up in my neck, just as he had done since day one. When I first brought him home, he couldn't even jump off the bed to go potty because he was so little. I remember he would wake me up by licking or biting my nose, and I would lift him off the bed, he would go potty, and then when he was ready to come back up, he would "cry" with his sweet little high pitched voice. I still remember that sound, so sweet!

He was a great listener. Whenever I had issues with someone, or was heartbroken by a boy, he heard every last bit of it, including many tears. He would let me hold him, and hug him, it's like he knew I needed it.

As he grew up, he definately took after his mother (me!) and became VERY independent. He would love on me, but only in his own timing. He was always good at letting me know when he wanted to be alone, and when he wanted company. Usually if he didn't want me around, he would get up and leave as soon as I would come to wherever he was! Looking back, I don't blame him though, he put up with so much from me!

I remember taping scotch tape inside out (sticky part on the outside, not on his fur) on his tail and paws because his reaction would have me rolling on the floor laughing so hard. It truly was priceless!

I remember moving Babie in with my Grandparents and how much my Grandpa LOVED having him there, especially since he was battling Alzheimer's. I remember my Grandpa calling him Misty, after an old black family cat we used to have. They look exactly the same. It must have stuck because to this day, my Grandma still calls him Misty, even though his actual name is Babie.

The reason I am even posting about my precious furry friend, is because Friday morning he will be put to sleep. After many months of bad behavior and finding out that he has had recurring bladder infections and now has stones in his bladder that can only be removed by a really expensive surgery, it has been decided that he will be going to pet heaven (I am praying that such a place exists since pets can't understand the human language and can't be "saved"). My heart is broken and tears have fallen.

Babie, you will always hold a VERY special place in my heart. You have ALWAYS been there for me, no matter how mean I was to you. You love me in the best way possible, rubbing up against my legs, curling up on my lap, and purring so loud I can hear you a mile away. I will miss you more than words could express. You are the best furry friend I could ever ask for! I love you!

This is my favorite picture I have of Babie, so true to his nature, he would never share his toys!
Babie used to lay like this a lot, but especially after Grandma added a screened in porch. He sure did love this screened in porch, as you can tell!

Be Blessed and Encouraged!

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