Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Babee Tenda...

I know that's an awkward title for a post, but you'll understand more as you read...

This past Sunday morning Aaron and I attended a baby safety seminar. Aaron was a little skeptical, just knowing that with it being a free seminar, there had to be some catch, and there was. Although it was not what we expected. After sitting and listening TO THE MOST ANNOYING SPEAKER EVER, Aaron and I were sold on the products that they were selling. Normally, we are not easily swayed into things of this nature, and maybe it's 1st time parent syndrome, but we feel that our purchase was well worth it, and will be a good investment, not just purchase, for the time that we will need it. In fact, when I called my mom and told her she informed me that my Grandma used it on her kids, 6 of them, and it lasted!

Anyway, here's a little more info on the crib and table we purchased (both our purchases are cherrywood, not white, but they didn't have any pics of that color)...


1) Double Safety Locks for a 4-way locking system preventing side drop.

2) Safety Sides. The hardwood slats, 2 3/8" apart, are glued and pinned with steel -too close for baby to get caught in. Both sides of the BabeeTenda Crib can be lowered by releasing two double action locks. An adult can easily do this but a baby cannot. This special safety release mechanism eliminates the possibility of a crib side dropping accidentally and injuring your baby. This solidly built crib weighs over 100 pounds.

3) Attractive Laminate. The ends are covered with attractive mar-proof laminate in color shown on the order form.

4) Steel Frame. Heavy gauge steel rails are bolted to the ends securing the box support and mattress. It's strong enough to support an adult.

5) No Corner Posts. No posts, projections, decorations or cutouts (a major cause of strangulation) to harm the baby.

6) Teething Protection. All 4 sides of the crib are protected by heavy-duty teething rails. Most cribs have teething rails only on the sides not on the ends.

7) Unique Safety Gate. One side of the crib has a toddler gate that lets your child get in and out of bed safely without climbing over the top.

8) Moves Easily. The double 2" barrel casters allow the crib to move effortlessly.

9) Firm Mattress. High-density non-allergenic foam provides orthopedic body support for proper posture.

1) The table is 24" square and rolls through any normal 30" door. The size and shape of the table provides your baby with a "safe zone".

2) The padded innerseat adjusts to 8 different positions and is vinyl-backed for easy cleaning.

3) The removable high pressure laminate tray easily slides out for easy access and is supported by grooves in the sides. Baby cannot be pinched by the tray.

4) Widespread, angle legs and low center of gravity create a non-tip design.

5) Double 2" barrel caster roll easily, even over carpet.

6) The aircraft-quality extruded aluminum legs are reinforced with a solid hardwood core which can be lock at 21", 24" or 27" high.

7) A unique load lock-up prevents all leg adjustment while the child is in the table.

8) The tension lock fastens the tray securely in the proper position.

Last, but certainly not least, is the fact that neither product has a warning label, because they don't need one. Since being in busines for 60+ years, there has never been a single accident, injury, death or recall to either of their products. With there being at least a few hundred recalls on baby products alone every single year, it speaks volumes to me that their products have never had to endure anything of that nature. And they both come with an 11-year warranty!

Anyway, we're super excited and should expect the furniture to be in in about 4-5 weeks. Good thing I spent the weekend moving my office to make room for baby! (I'll post pics later on that whole thing...).

Be Blessed and Encouraged!


Jeremy Alice said...

Jill please contact me at alice.goines@awest.com
I am intrested in purchasing the Babee Tende bed and I would like your oponion on this product.

SandyK said...

We bought the same pieces on Saturday and I can't wait to get them in! We chose Oak for ours :) I am not a first time parent, though my DH is and he's the hardest Sell I know, glad to see we weren't the only ones :)

Would love to know your opinions on all of it as time goes on :)