Tuesday, August 5, 2008

It's a........

Ok, here's a clue. In the picture above, the arrow is pointing at something very pertinent!! You guessed it! IT'S A BOY!!!!! I must say, we were a little shocked, we really thought it was a girl, but of course, we are overjoyed and thrilled that we're having a little boy!

While at the Dr.'s office yesterday getting all of the big "20 week" testing done (at 17 weeks mind you), baby boy decided to make it very difficult to see what Dr. was really looking for. His head was deep in my pelvis, and his butt was all the way at the top, tucked way back close to my ribs. We got to see his legs and all of his little toes, it was so amazing!! And needless to say, it took about 10-15 minutes just to get a clear shot. And we really only got this one!! Aaron was way more shocked than I was. He later told me that when Dr. said it was a boy, he really realized how much he wanted a girl. He wanted time to learn how to do all of the cool daddy stuff like hunting and fishing before having a boy so that he felt equipped. I told him about how that is a great hobby of my dad's and that he should talk to him and learn from him about all of that stuff. Not to leave out some close guy friends of his whom also love to do those same things. I wonder if he realizes that it's still years before baby boy is even old enough to do anything of that nature?!?!? Anyway, after we left the appointment in shock, we went to target and bought our first little boy outfit (see pic below...). It's just something small, but I told Aaron and that I wanted to be the first one to buy him an outfit.

My prayer now, is that the Lord would grow our little boy up to know and love Him dearly. That he would be a warrior for Christ, and a solid, Godly man. And that Aaron and I would know how to love him best during his life here on earth, that we would trust the Lord with his life, and that we would always point him to the truth.

Be Blessed and Encouraged!


Chrys and Mike said...

congrats!!!! what a blessing!


Stacey said...

Congrats on a precious baby boy!! You two are going to love having a son. It is too wonderful for words!

laura said...

Congratulations, you guys! We love you and baby Garcia!