Monday, August 25, 2008

20 Weeks, Cravings and Braxton Hicks (Already?!?)

Well, I've hit the middle mark, 20 weeks! Wow, I can't hardly believe that I'm half way there! It seems like just yesterday that we found out we were expecting little Caleb Aaron! And now, in about 4 1/2 months we will get to meet him face to face! I AM SO EXCITED!!!!

I feel like I've popped out the past two weeks, and I have yet to get some great pics of my little basketball belly to show! I promise to get some this week/weekend and update next week with some. We're making a trip to Hawaiian Falls Waterpark on Saturday and I only own a "regular" suit, which I'm actually very excited to wear, so I will have Aaron take a few belly pics then. It has been so fun to get the "you're pregnant!" looks and comments from strangers.

I have to admit, I ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT when someone I don't even know asks me when I'm due or if I know what I'm having! It makes it so real to me, outside of the fact that Caleb has been kicking like crazy! His favorite times to kick are while I'm at work sitting in an awkward position (probably not the best posture for a preggo, but it's the most comfortable on my back...) and then at night when I'm laying down either on the couch or in bed. I grabbed Aaron's hand last night becuase baby was kicking so hard and so much, but nevertheless, baby stopped as soon as his hand was on me!

Ok, I am stealing this whole Cravings post idea from a good friend (thanks Amy!). I don't know if any of you other preggos/mommies out there have ever experienced this or not, but 99% of the foods I used to eat taste different, and almost always they taste worse! Oh, it's just so depressing! However, the few things on my cravings list below still taste the same, if not better pregnant, which is probably why I love them so! Most of my pregnancy has been more aversions than cravings, but my cravings have been pretty weird, at least to me anyway, so here we go!

Craving #1: CHEESE! Anything made mainly with cheese!
Mac & Cheese, but only Stouffer's frozen larger size
AuGratin Potatoes
Ham & Cheese Hot Pockets, Aaron would be appalled at this one for sure!
Cheese-it's (only the real ones though)

Craving #2: COKE ICEES!!! I know this is soooo odd, but seriously, ever since I've been able to have caffeine (limited amount, of course!) I have been addicted to Coke Icees! I get one almost every afternoon around 2pm (about the time I'm ready for a nap).

Craving #3: Fudgepops! Anything chocolate for that matter, but especially this icy cold chocolate heavenly treat!

Craving #4: Cheesy Hamburger Helper (Individual Size)! This is about the only meat product I could handle up to probably week 12-13. So sad!!

So there you have it folks, my daily intake of food consists of cheese products, coke icees and fudgepops! And somehow I've managed to gain only 4 pounds to date. Oh but wait, I still have 20 more weeks to go, I should probably balance my diet somehow, I don't want to blow up like a blueberry and explode like Violet Beaureguarde in Willy Wonka! (If you haven't seen this movie or it's been a long time, you should definately rent it, it's so good!!)

What's the beef with Braxton Hicks contractions?!?!? Mine started about a week ago and have not really let up. Thankfully I can still walk and talk (at the same time too!) even when they are happenening, and they only last for maybe 10 seconds. I've read that they are supposed to prepare you for "the real thing" (so not excited about that!!) but somehow, I can't even imagine these things "preparing" me for anything, except having to run to the bathroom a lot quicker than I used to! I wonder if baby can feel them too? It seems that he moves or kicks more when they are happening. Does anyone know any info on that?

Well, I guess those are all the updates I have for now, at least until I get some pictures up!

Be Blessed and Encouraged!


Chrys and Mike said...

so glad you're enjoying pregnancy. it's such a miracle.

i craved fudge pops, too! that's odd b/c i have never been a big chocolate person.

when i'm pregnant i become a total carnivore. i want meat! meat! meat! i guess it's a protein thing.

sounds like SA was amazing!! so glad you got to go!


Stacey said...

Haha...I love fudge pops too! There is half a box in my freezer right now. I also ate A LOT of mac and cheese in the first half of my pregnancy (mostly from Boston Market).

I've been getting some BH contractions too (I never had them with Bennett until the very end). My nurse friend said that often means I'm a little dehydrated and so I've been trying to take them as a sign to pick up my water bottle.