Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Baking Par-tay!!

Today our community group moms and kiddos all got together for our first annual cookie baking party! WHAT A BLAST!!! Seriously, 10 kids and 4 mommas playing, baking, icing, decorating and eating yummy sugar cookies! Doesn't get much better than that! Here are some great action shots from our time together!

Paige, Julia and Haley cutting out the cookie shapes
Caleb actually understood what to do and had fun!
The big boys! Jacob, Noah and Caleb
Oh they were just thrilled to be helping!
BIG smile!!
Haley decided to wear the flour instead of use it for the cookies!
Time to decorate!!

I had to sneak this pic in because we Karla had just cut Caleb's hair and I think it's adorable!
Yes, that is my BOY walking out of the Barbie house! He LOVES that thing!
And finally, the long anticipated picture! ALL 10 kids! I still can't believe that the last picture we have of all the kids, we only had 6 total! WOW! I have a feeling we'll keep growing too! P.S. - I can't get over how thrilled Haley was to be holding baby Asher! Precious!! And yes, that is my child crying on the end, he just didn't want his picture taken!
Dylan, Paige, Julia, Asher, Haley, Noah, Jackson, Jacob, Eli & Caleb

Be Blessed and Encouraged!

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