Saturday, December 4, 2010

23 Months

Caleb, where do I begin?!? You are almost two years old and you are ALL BOY!!! I still can't believe that you are 23 months old already, walking and talking and doing all the things toddler boys your age should be doing!

Right now your world revolves around Toy Story, reading your Bible (yes, you will go and sit in your room for 15-20 minutes at a time and "read" to yourself), being outside, playing with other kids, eating everything, sleeping CRAZY amounts of time each day and night, and giving lots and lots of "loves" (our version of kisses and hugs) to me, daddy and especially baby brother! You still adore Thomas, Dora, puzzles, Cars (the movie, and hot wheels), throwing your big ball against the front door, running in to the utility closet door in the kitchen, bouncing on mommy & daddy's bed, and playing hid & seek in mommy's clothes hanging in our closet.

Your vocabulary has skyrocketed over the past month and this momma is so proud of you! You can now spell your name from memory, and you can say your ABC's! You can also easily say at least 25 words now, and we're learning new ones and their definitions every day. We just got some really cool flashcards and mommy is going to start having daily "learning" time and I can't wait to see how much more you develop!!

My top ten favorite things about you:

1.) How every time you dance, you do the itsy bitsy spider, turn around in circles and tap dance, all at once
2.) You think that every kind of dessert, including each type of fruit and yogurt is called an apple, even though I have desperately tried to teach you the difference
3.) The fact that you absolutely adore your little brother, and love to help mommy out with getting diapers and pacys for me, without me having to ask
4.) You still love to cuddle with me in bed
5.) Your hair, its crazy and has a mind of its own, and TOTALLY matches your personality
6.) Watching you read your Bible, every morning and every night before bed. You do this all on your own and it honestly blesses my heart so much! You are showing your mommy up with your determination and dedication, even though you don't know it yet! You definitely get that from your daddy!
7.) How much you absolutely thrive on being around other kids. I know I've said this before, but truly, there is no end to saying how much you love it! You are a different child, giddy, joyful, extra lovey and absolutely precious! I can't wait for opportunity of you going to school, hopefully next fall, where I know you will grow and thrive so much!! Until then, I will enjoy having my first baby home with me!!
8.) How well you behave. Truly, it's amazing how much your attitude has changed over the past month. I think you've finally adjusted to having Asher around, and you are so pleasant 90% of the time! That other 10% is just you being a boy, and I know that!!
9.) How much you love daddy and me! You call out our name dozens of times a day and when you see us, you run in to our arms (please Lord, can I freeze time RIGHT NOW?!?!?)
10.) You are almost two and the past 23 months have been wonderful! Full of ups and downs, but most of all, full of precious memories with you! I thank the Lord everyday for each and every moment I get to be your mommy! You are so precious to me Caleb! I love you more and more each day!!

Here are some fun pics from the past month of your life!

I couldn't help but upload this picture above, your facial expression is priceless!
running around like a typical almost-two-year-old boy!
Your big boy sweat jacket and big boy shoes, I LOVE it!!

LOVE this one above! Cookin' in the kitchen while wearing mommy's headband! A typical everyday look for you!
So proud of yourself for getting up in your chair all by yourself
Love how adorable you look when daddy combs your hair after your bath at night
And those eyelashes, melts my heart!!

Couldn't help but post this one either, Alfalfa!!
Ready for Winter! You like cold weather, and winter clothing just as much as mommy!
Crazy hair! And yummy breakfast!
When I look at this picture, I feel like I'm seeing you 15 years down the road. Maybe it's the "cool" hair, but I love this picture. By the way, you woke up with your hair like that, I had nothing to do with how stylish it turned out, although I wish I could take credit for it!!

Be Blessed and Encouraged!

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