Monday, December 13, 2010

3 Months Old

My precious baby Asher, you are now THREE months old! This momma just doesn't even know how to respond to how fast you are growing! You have always been responsive, but honestly, in the past month your laughter and talking has sky rocketed!!

You are such a happy baby, and only cry when you are hungry, or sometimes in the evenings when you just want to be held! You sleep like a champ, and eat just as well. And you're already wearing 3-6 months clothing! You have recently started sleeping through the night and this momma is in a whole new world of pure happiness because of it! You also have now successfully slept in the same room with your brother three nights in a row!!

A few things I don't want to forget...

1.) You L O V E talking and make excellent eye contact with all three of us
2.) You laugh whenever your brother comes and talks to you. I can already tell you both will be great friends
3.) You like the swing more than anything else, but you also do great sleeping on your tummy at night
4.) You do ok with baths, but are NOT a fan of the aftermath of being naked and waiting for daddy to put your pj's on, it's TOOO cold for you
5.) You take GREAT naps, although they are still pretty inconsistent on length
6.) You adjust so well! You do great at the store, and in the car (once it's moving!)
7.) You sleep how I slept as a baby, with both your hands up at your ears, it's precious!
8.) You spent the first 8 weeks sleeping full time in the swing because of some congestion/allergy issues but are doing much better now!
9.) You give smiles to EVERYONE, and I know it melts their hearts just as much as it does mine
10.) While I don't officially know what you weigh, I'm going to take a guess and say you are up to about 15 1/2 pounds. Your infant carrier is getting MUCH harder to carry when you are in it!

Here are some pictures from the past month of your life!

A mere 4 weeks old exactly in the picture above! It's amazing how much you have changed in just one month!

Bath time with daddy!!!
You love sticking out your tongue during bath time! (Sorry it's sideways, I can't figure out how to turn it!)
All smiles!
Thanksgiving Day in your special Turkey Day outfit! Thanks Jenni & Deanna!
HAD to get a picture of that cute little turkey tooshie!

My absolute favorite outfit of Caleb's! I had to get a picture of you in it since it won't fit you for much longer!
Just chillin'
Throwin' a little lip action

Can you tell I like this outfit too?!? I just can't get enough of that hat!!

Be Blessed and Encouraged!

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