Tuesday, August 31, 2010

The Waiting Game

This morning I had my 40 week appointment, and I must admit, I left the office and cried a few tears in the car on the way home after finding out that I'm dialated at 2.5 cm. and only 50% effaced. I've been at those same two numbers for 3 weeks now, and I was so convinced of two things, 1) that I would have already given birth by now and 2) that if I hadn't given birth yet, with all the contractions I've had over the past week or so, that I would have at least dialated a little more. What made the appointment even more disheartening was the fact that I actually had to set up my appointment to be induced. I'm a huge fan of allowing my body to do its own thing and going in to labor on its own, trusting the Lord's timing, instead of counting on medicine to put me in to labor. One of my favorite things about having a baby is the unknown of when and how it will happen! Either way, I completely trust my doctor and his reasoning for not letting me go more than a week late, but at the same time, I'm definitely praying that the Lord would bring Asher into our world sooner than next Thursday, Sept. 9th at 7:30am!

Thankfully, I was sweetly reminded today by a close friend that the Lord knows Asher's birthday and that's all that matters! Thank you Lord, for ALL of the friends that have been nothing but encouraging the past week and especially today! I know that your timing is perfect, especially when I don't understand it! Asher is YOURS and I know how blessed I am that you are entrusting him to our care during his time on this earth. Help me to remember that during the good and hard days, during the sleepless nights that I'm about to have, during the joyful times as him and Caleb grow up together and build their relationship. I never knew I could be so excited to be a mom of two boys, and I know that you have graciously given me that joy, and will continue to!

Sweet Asher,

40 full weeks of growing you in my belly. I can’t believe you are almost here! My heart is full of more joy, contentment and excitement than I ever thought it was possible to feel! Watching you move across my big belly is the best entertainment, and knowing that the Lord is continuing to form your body just as he desires to feeds my excitement, joy and curiosity of what and who you will look like, how you will act, and the uniqueness that only you will have! I have prayed for you, oh how daddy and I have prayed for you. That one day you will know Christ in an intimate way, that daddy and I would yield to the Spirit’s leading in growing you up in a Godly home, where you know how much we love you and care about you. Where you can be encouraged in exactly who God created you to be, and where you will be discipled well. You have already completely saturated my heart with love and joy, more than I ever thought possible to feel, and I haven’t even gotten to hold you yet! That means that it’s only going to get better from this point forward! I love you so much and can’t wait to meet you! Love Momma

Be Blessed and Encouraged!


Self Family said...

We know that you will be so worth the wait. Every day brings us closer to meeting you. You are loved so much!! See you soon sport!!

Stacie said...

That is a beautiful letter. Thanks for sharing it! Asher is blessed in so many ways!