Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Family Vacation - Big Cedar 2010

This year we got to meet up with my family at Big Cedar Lodge just outside Branson, MO. What a treat it was to see everyone and get some serious hang time in! Anthony and Miriam were go-go-go and lvoed to spend every minute possible in one of the pools. Caleb I think is still at an age where he doesn't fully understand the greatness of the swimming pool, but I bet by next summer he will!

The guys took one morning to go fishing and us girls got the next morning to hit the infamous Tanger Outlet Mall. Oh boy did we do some damage there! I'm surprised I didn't go in to labor from all the walking we did that day! We also partook in the wonderful Sunday Brunch at Devil's Pool Restaurant and ate our hearts out!!

Overall, we had a fabulous vacation (despite the semi-long 8-hour drive to and from), and I can't wait to meet up for another family adventure soon!

Here are some pics...

What you see as you drive in to Big Cedar. You can't hardly tell, but that's Tablerock Lake straight ahead!

View of one of the swimming pools and the lake far in the background!

The other cool thing about Big Cedar is that as you drive in, you actually drive through little "rivers" that flow from this beautiful waterfall.

Our family photo!!

Ice Cream Time!!!

Caleb snoozing in the car on the way home. I LOVE how he sleeps with his little feet crossed! He does this at home in his crib as well, no matter if he's on his back or his belly, it's so cute!

Cousin Anthony!

Cousin Miriam!

Lincoln Log Time!!

Me and Julie! I L O V E this picture of us!!

Me & Dad!

Me & Mom!

I'm SOOOOO Sorry Aaron, but I didn't get any pictures of you! I'll try and see if mom has some I can upload soon! He was there, folks, I promise!!

Be Blessed and Encouraged!

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