Sunday, January 3, 2010

What 2010 Means To Me...

Welcome 2010, or Twenty-Ten as I like to call it! This is going to be a really big year, I just know it!

I don't know about you, but I ALWAYS make New Year Resolutions, and within a week, they are shot to you know where! This year, I have many, many reasons to stick to my resolutions, yes, more than one! While I would absolutely love nothing more than to drop 20 pounds and 3 sizes, I know I need to be realistic, so in the health department, I'm going for eating healthier, more organic meals, maintaining MY healthy weight, whatever that may be, and to exercise in some for or fashion at least a couple times a week. This is completely doable, not only for me, but for my entire family. I know Aaron plans on going more hard core on the whole losing weight, which is fine with me, it will only take him a couple of dedicated months and he'll be at his goal weight.

My second priority for 2010 is to SIMPLIFY. I am obsessed with perfection, which is a blessing and a curse. You see, if something can be done perfect, it gets completed, but anything that I can't finish in what my own mind is considered perfect, just goes to the wayside and never gets done completely! I'm obsessed with planning and writing lists, but I suck at follow-thru! This year, that will change! I am making it a goal to not strive for perfection, but keep my mind on what is realistic for my age, available time in my schedule and what works for my lifestage. Right now that means if I can get laundry done once a week, dinner on the table 4 times a week, and my kitchen is clean before I go to bed at night, I will have succeeded! To me, to simplify is to re-organize, de-stress, and learn to say NO! Not only am I simplifying my expectations, but also my schedule. I am a people-pleaser, therefor it is SUPER hard for me to say no to anything or anyone. That's going to change this year! I am eliminating anything in my weekly schedule that does not bring me joy, overwhelms me, stresses me out and just plain sucks up my time with my two favorite boys! This is going to be more difficult of a task, especially since most things on my schedule I love! I LOVE my senior girls, even though it takes up 2-3 nights per week! I LOVE my community group, even though that's another night during the week that either Aaron or myself is gone. I LOVE my Wednesday morning bible study, but the drive to and from as well as it being directly in the middle of Caleb's nap makes it super hard to be consistent. I LOVE running my own company, but it has recently sucked the life right out of me! To remedy this over-scheduling I have already shut-down my business to the open public and will only be taking orders from family and friends until further notice, and I've also decided to not return to my Wenesday morning bible study. Don't worry, I'm still going to spend time with Jesus! Aaron and I are doing Beth Moore's 90 Days With Jesus study together and it's great! I also don't want to continue to miss out with my Square One moms, so weekly playgroup is definitely staying on the calendar!

I'm hoping that with those few small changes, life will see much easier, and I won't feel like my time is just flashing before my eyes. I'm looking forward to having a little more time at home (I'm a homebody to begin with so staying at home definitely speaks my language) with my baby as well as more free time to ORGANIZE!

Yep, you guessed it, my next resolution is to completely organize our home from top to bottom! To file ALL of the paperwork that has been sitting in the same box for 2+ years. To DECLUTTER my office so that it's manageable and actually fun to be in again! To simplify the amount of things that we own. I mean, honestly, we don't NEED everything that is in our house! And maybe this simplifying and organizing will bring in some extra cash! They always say, "One man's trash is another man's treasure."

My biggest "resolution" if you even want to call it that, is to truly pursue the Lord. To fall in love all over again with my Heavenly Father. To grow in knowledge and understanding of His Word and to truly feel His Spirit living inside me and moving me towards Christ. This is something I've always struggled with. Growing up a Christian, I feel like I often find myself just going through the motions, and not really truly engaging with the Lord. Prayer, Reading, Journaling, Praying again...that seems to be my consistent routine, if any. My prayer for this year is that the Lord would become real to me again. Real in the sense that my sense of awe and wonder would be fresh. That I would be passionate about Him and His Word. That I would truly desire to be used by Him, for His glory. That I would long so deeply to spend every free moment with Him. To be in constant communion with Him. Oh how I long for a refreshed and renewed spirit! Already, the Jesus study that Aaron and I are doing has been wonderful! Convicting, but wonderful! I can't wait to see what the Lord does in my heart, in my marriage, in my friendships and all of my relationships this year!

My smallest of resolutions, and silliest ones, of course, is that I would STOP biting my nails! It's a nasty habit that I've had off and on since I was a little girl. I've often stopped and grown them out and they are so pretty, but then one breaks and then they all just go! I do know that the only times I bite them is if I'm SUPER bored or really stressed, and the fact that it's just a habit that is instilled in me! So, if any of you that see me on a regular basis, see me biting my nails, CALL ME OUT, please!!

I also want to:

1) Read more (or should I say, finish the few books that I've started)
2) Spend WAY WAY WAY more time with my child
3) Watch less TV
4) Listen to more music
5) Spend about an equal amount of time in my pj's as I did last year (if that's any inclination as to how much of a homebody I am than that explains it all!)
6) Have more date nights with my sweetie (we are in desperate need people so if you know of any good babysitters that aren't overly expensive, please do share!)
7) Host more craft nights and actually do crafts/scrapbooking that I want to, not spend my time fulfilling orders!
8) Spend less time on the computer/FB/iPhone (this will be quite a challenge for me!)
9) Spend more time in the kitchen, enjoying my love for cooking/baking!
10) SAVE SAVE SAVE (money of course!)

And finally, another big thing for 2010 is that in February I will be turning the big 3-0, thirty people, yep, and I am soooo excited! Leaving my twenties means leaving behind a lot of struggles and pain, but not forgetting the amazing things that the Lord did, like bring my sweet hubby into my life, and bless me with my first child (of many, hopefully!). I know I have so much to look forward to in my thirties and I am just so stinkin' excited to see what the Lord has in store for me! It's the excitement of the unknown that captures me.

Anyway, I won't write anymore, but there's my two cents worth on what 2010 means to me! What does it mean to you?

Be Blessed and Encouraged!

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