Saturday, January 9, 2010

1st Birthday Party!!!

My sweet sweet boy! You are now ONE! Here are a few captured memories from you most fun 1st Party!! Love you precious Caleb!!

Waiting with anticipation (and looks like some confusion too, we were singing Happy Birthday to him at this point) I made the sign too and had a blast!!

Not sure what to think, he picked up each individual sprinkle and ate them separately, then did the same with the icing! So hilarious!

You LOVED your first cupcake, even though it took you almost 30 minutes to eat it all!

The kids having some fun!

The four older kids downing the cupcakes!
(Noah, Haley, Paige & Jacob)

Sweet little Kate!

Noah has his own little minature digital camera and he was having a blast taking pics of the cupcakes and then showing them off! So cute!

Precious little Luke! He's such a fun friend to Caleb!!

Noah was singing in the microphone to Caleb and Caleb was laughing and smiling, so fun!

Caleb loves Noah!!

Caleb also LOVES this play kitchen at the Self's. I wonder if we have future cook on our hands...

Sweet little Zane!
Caleb's friend Christian. They're great buddies at Playgroup on Thursday mornings!

Jack, Kate's twin! They are so stinkin' cute!!

Christian and Caleb playing

Sweet picture of Emily reading to Jack

I would say this family loves books!

Just having fun playing!

Be Blessed and Encouraged!


Self Family said...

Such a FUN party with the cutest honk as the focus of attention. Happy Birthday sweet Caleb - we love you tons!!

Travis and Andrea said...

I was wanting to see these pictures. Glad it was a good party. J & P had fun!