Monday, January 4, 2010

Caleb Turns ONE!!

For Caleb's birth-day, we had planned on taking him to Portrait Innovations to get his 1 year photos taken, until we called to make the appointment and found out that all of their studios are CLOSED on Mondays, even though the website ways they are open "Everday from 9am - 7pm". WHAT A BUMMER!!!! So instead, we decided to take our own pics and I couldn't have been happier! Thanks to our friends K&J for letting us borrow their awesome camera for the afternoon! Here are some of the best shots we got. The indoor pics are at out apartment clubhouse, and the outdoor ones were taken at Firewheel at the kids train park. It was FREEZING but Caleb did great and had fun playing!

Getting kisses from my baby, a rare occasion!
LOVE LOVE LOVE this precious pic of my boys!

This one too!

He looks like such a toddler now, definitely not a baby anymore!

I "made" him a scarf just before we left the house becuase it was so cold outside and I love how it turned out!

"I'm innocent mom, I promise!"

FINALLY! An amazing pic of me and my baby! I've really struggled to get a good picture of us since he was a little little baby. I told Aaron on the way home from the park that this picture was so good that it made up for not getting a picture of Caleb & I on my 1st Mother's Day.

One of my favorites from the day!
And this one too!!

Be Blessed and Encouraged!


Katie said...

Very cute! So glad you finally got a great pic of the two of you together.

Eric, Kim, and Allison Tingle said...

What a sweetie! Happy Birthday Caleb!

Will & Emily Osborne said...

these are great pictures Jill, Caleb is such a handsome little boy! Congrats on making it through the first year!!

Carissa said...

I know you don't know me at all, but I found your blog while searching for stuff on Babee Tenda ( which we got and love) and I just kept loving reading your blog. We live in Lewisville, are Christians and also had a little one recently in November. Anyway, just letting you know I love your blog and adventures with Caleb.

Jill Garcia (Smith) said...


So glad you found the blog! We LOVE our Babee Tenda, we have the chair and the crib.

Thank you for your sweet note! Hope you are blessed and encouraged by the Lord's working in our lives! He needs all the glory!

God Bless,