Sunday, October 4, 2009

8 Months Old In Pictures

You are 8 months old and I can't hardly believe it! Here are some pictures from the past month!

You love boxes!!

And you love food! You eat anything and everything we feed you!!

Meal time is one of my biggest joys, not only because you are the happiest, but becuase it is almost the only time of day that I get to cuddle you in my arms, you are such a busy bee!!

So happy (and overwhelmed) with Noah & Haley!

Again, your second most favorite tim of the day, bath time with Daddy!

Mezmorized by the fountains at Firewheel...

1st family photo in a LONG time! Yes, I now realize that shirts with sleeves like that are not so flattering for my new post-delivery body!! Sosad that it takes a picture for me to realize that!

Patiently waiting for mommy to finish making your food!

Again, it's all about the boxes!

Seeing yourself in the mirror, you love that! Right after Itook these pictures you started giving yourself kisses!!

I'm just hangin' out peeps!

My favorite pj's!!

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Amy H said...

I am SO gonna start putting Luke in a box to play. It's an activity I haven't really thought about until I saw your pictures. :)