Saturday, October 31, 2009

Our Little Pumpkin

Today was my sweet baby's 1st Halloween!! His birthday falls at a great time becuase he basically has all of his 1st holidays in order that they appear, except for New Year's Day. Anyway, our day started out pretty uneventful. Caleb slept in until 9:00am, which he has NEVER done before! And, for his first nap, he slept for 2 1/2 hours! I couldn't believe it! Once he woke up from his nap I decided to get him dressed and start the picture taking for the day! I knew if I didn't start now, it would go on forgotten (like my 1st Mother's Day, yes, still bitter...)! So, without further waiting...enjoy!

My baby's newest favorite face
And another one! So cute!
Smiling for daddy

Oh, he was so happy today!

My Little Pumpkin!

"Ok Mom, I'm not so sure about this hat! Seriously, how many pictures are you going to take of me today?!?"

Oh so cute!

"I got it half way off..."

Smiling for me!!

Smiling for Daddy!

I love this picture! It's a hard shot to get becuase although he smiles like this often, it's only for a split second!

" Dadadadadadada"

Standing up! He stood there like that in the exact same place for at least 10 minutes!
Our next adventure of the day was to go to my mommy group Halloween Party at one of the mom's homes! We had a great time, but we definitely missed all the other mommies and kiddos that didn't make it! Here are Chrristian, Caleb, Dex and Kendall all playing!

Christian loved Caleb's pumpkin beanie

They really are having fun, I think I caught them off guard...

Finishing off the party with a picture of all the babies on the couch!

We also stopped to visit Dustin, Karla, Noah & Haley before they left to go trick or treating and yes, we are still waiting for baby #3 to arrive! Hurry up little one, Aunt Jill can't wait to meet you!!
By the time we got back home Caleb was plum tuckered out! Nice thing is that tonight is Day Light Savings and we gain an hour of sleep...I'll be interested to see what tiem Caleb wakes up in the morning! Until next time...
Be Blessed and Encouraged!

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