Saturday, October 31, 2009

Sneak Peak Revealed!

So, last week I did a sneak peak post and here, FINALLY, is the full version! This past weekend we took a short trip to Phoenix to visit Aaron's grandparents. We had a great time seeing Tio Omar, Tia Vicki and cousin Corbin, Grandma and Grandpa, Great Grandma and Great Grandpa and Tia Rachel, Tio Juan and cousin Olivia!! We had a great time and Caleb adjusted GREAT to the two hour time difference! Here are a ton of pics from the weekend!!

Such a big boy, I can't believe it! Although he didn't stay there long, it was a super cue photo op!

Grandma and Grandpa Garcia

Cousin Olivia

Reading with Cousin Corbin

LOVING great grandpa Lopez!

Having a conversation with "the baby in the mirror" (we're still not sure if he knows it's actually him!)

Such a honey!!


Great shot of my little "Alphalpha"(sp?)! You can barely see it here but his hair never stays donw!

Love this shot of all 5 of his teeth!!

Sitting with great Grandma Lopez!

LOVE this picture!!

LOVE this picture too, with me in the background!!

Getting love from great Grandma!!
Be Blessed and Encouraged!

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