Friday, September 4, 2009

More 7 Month Pictures...

Sweet are SO loved! Here are some extra 7 month pictures of your precious life!!!

You with some of your best friends, Noah & Haley!

Haley loves you so much and asks for you ALL the time!

Chillin' in Noah's chair

One of my MANY favorites from this month! Those teeth are so stinkin' cute!!

So is that smile!

Chunky boy, I love all your rolls!

Big smile for momma

Precious hands and feet, so little!

This one is ready for a frame! I love how you look like you're praying!

More hands and feet, you LOVE to grab at your feet!

So curious

All smiles!

Hangin' with daddy

You absolutely love this!!

One of your many faces...

Like father, like son!

Although you are starting to look more and more like me, I think at least!



Oh so sweet!

Daddy's making funny faces with you

Don't knwo why daddy did this, but it is cute!

You L-O-V-E your lovie!!

Sitting in the grown-up chair!

Such a big boy!

Bath time! Oh how you love bath time with daddy!

Shake shake time!

Swinging with Haley at your first visit to the park, and your first swing ride ever!

Chillaxin' in the swing, you had a great time!

Caleb, you are such a honey! Your personality is showing up more and more each day! You are such a precious gift to daddy and me! I hope you always know how much we love you!!

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