Thursday, October 29, 2009

Caleb - 9 Month Pictures

My baby is almost 10 months old and I wanted to post some pictures from the past month of his life!! I can't believe all of the things that you have done, so many "firsts" have happened! Here are A BUNCH of pictures to remember the 9th month of your life!!!

You have 5 teeth and more are coming in!!

This is my favorite toy!

Look, I'm half standing up!!

I love looking at myself in the mirror!

And smiling for the camera!

This is where I go when I want to hear mommy say, "Caleb, no sir!"

My first real TUB BATH!!!

Daddy is always the one who gives me a bath and he does such a great job!!!

I love my big tub baths, there's so much room to roam!

So many toys!!

Daddy making me laugh!

I love this picture! Your cute little scrunchy nose!

See that bruise on my forehead? I got that from trying to stand up on my own and I fell into the corner of the side table. It was a scary moment for mommy and me, but I'm all better now!

Love me some footie pajamas!!

Trying to eat some "puffs" for the first time!

Loves to get dried off, seriously, LOVES bath time!

This is what happens when you feed your child, in a moving car, and as soon as you put a spoonful of applesause in his mouth, he sneezes! It was EVERYWHERE!!

Look mom, I'm sitting like a big boy in my own seat!! Don't worry, we didn't leave him here during the flight, just wanted to get a cute picture!!

He looks so skinny from the back!!

I'm standing on my own!!

Singing along to the piano music!

Helping mommy sew!

Oh honey, you are so much fun!!! This past month has been so awesome! Here are 10 things I DEFINITELY don't want forget...
1. You have 5, yes 5 teeth and more are coming in!
2. You are crawling, pulling up on your own, and in to everything!!
3. You love to follow me into the kitchen, sit at my feet, and pull on my pant legs, and as soon as I look down you lift both arms up in anticipation of me picking you up!
4. You LOVE giving kisses and will give them on cue, but watch out, sometimes you try to bite!
5. You love the little doorstoppers, you love to bite them, and hit them so they "boing"!
6. You give yourself kisses when you see yourself in the mirror, like 10 times in a row!! It's so cute!
7. You think it's absolutely hilarious when mommy tries to "come and get you"
8. You also laugh when either mommy or daddy are talking on the phone, you just stare, smile and sometimes even laugh
9. You are eating like a champ (of course) and have yet to turn down any foods, and you're eating those little puffs, they are your first finger food! You've also had turkey, mashed potatoes and grapes!
10. You don't stop growing up! You are saying dadadadadada, you LOVE playing with other kids, even if they are older and to my amazement, you sleep in the church nursery!
Sweet baby boy, I wish I could freeze time! I cherish the very few nights that you actually wake up and I get to cuddle you and rock you. You are so precious to me and daddy and there is nothing in the world that I would rather be than your mommy!! I love you to pieces my little munchkin!!
Be Blessed and Encouraged!

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Travis and Andrea said...

Great pictures. We love baby Caleb!!! :)
I like his face on the "no sir" picture. :)