Friday, March 9, 2012

18 Months

Asher, you are now officially a TODDLER!  OH. MY. WORD.  You have to stop growing!  Please!  I truly want to freeze time with you right now!  Outside of your little 5 second fits when you don't get what you want, you truly are such a little honey!!  Your schedule is really consistent now, which is great, and you are fully running all over the house!  You still adore Thomas and playing trains.  And, when you want to leave the house, you are now bringing me your shoes, sitting down in front of me and waiting for me to put them on.  You also go and knock on the front door too.  It's so cute!  I have a feeling that after we move, and have a yard to play in, I won't be able to keep you inside!!

You are also consistently giving kisses, sometimes without me even asking!  You grab my face, pull it in and just kiss away!  I LOVE IT!!!!  Oh how I wish this cuddly phase would last forever!  You are your brother have been so cuddly lately!

My little pancake lovin' boy!

 kisses for mommy!!
 happy boy!
 sleepy boy, cuddling with daddy!
 mommy's hat, daddy's shoes and little bear
 our own little Linus!  This kid carries his blankies around with him by the tags, it's hilarious!  Oh, and we'can't get little bear out of his mouth unless he's eating.  It's going to be rough getting cutting him off from his pacy, I'm thinking tougher than Caleb for sure!!

Be Blessed and Encouraged!

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