Sunday, January 8, 2012

THREE Years Old!!!

So, I might actually cry writing this post.  Seriously.  My sweet baby baby boy is THREE!  AHHHHHHHH!  No kidding when people say how quickly the time passes.  

My Precious Caleb,
You are our firstborn.  You are sweet and caring, gentle yet passionate, fun-loving and easy going.  From the very first moment I found out I was pregnant with you, it's been nothing but an adventure!  You are our miracle baby and I thank the Lord each and every day for your precious life!

You continue to amaze me each day with how quickly you are developing.  Everyday brings something new, and I am continually amazed at how quickly you learn things (one thing I did pass on), and how great of a memory you have (thanks daddy)!  Just the other day we asked you what blue was in Spanish, and you paused a second and then said "Azul"!  Seriously didn't see that coming!  You also have already memorized three verses, and could possible memorize another three within a week if mommy would just get the ball rolling!

You are SUCH a great big brother!  Just tonight at Target, you said, "mommy, I love Asher this much" and you threw your arms up in the air.  Brought a tear to my eye, no joke!  You are so compassionate, always asking "what happened" or "are you ok" if anything is said in an abnormal tone of voice.  Asher follows you everywhere and one of my favorite moments of the day are when you boys chase each other from your bedroom to the living room and back, and then jump up on your bed and play, pointing at all the train decals on your wall.  Most of the time you play nice and fairly with Asher, but there are definitely moments you do not want to share with him.  We're working on that, and will likely be a life long lesson!

You are a WONDERFUL son!  My favorite times with you are tucking you in for bed each night, singing Jesus Loves Me and praying with you.  You often put your hand on my face, or hold my hand during this time, which is extra special for sure!  You are also VERY cuddly and quite often request couch cuddle time with me and/or daddy.  You know I will take it as long as I can.  I fear those moments will come to an end all to quickly!

You bring such joy to my heart my sweet little honey!  I cannot imagine what life would be like without you! I love you so very very very much, and so does daddy!!  Happy 3rd Birthday precious son!!!

On your actual birthday, we did A LOT of celebrating!  The night before I stayed up pretty late decorating after you went off to dreamyland.  Oh boy was it F-U-N!!!
 This is the same birthday sign I made for your 1st birthday, and I intend on using it until you think its too dorky (which means I've got about another 5 years or so)!

 Totally got this idea from Pinterest and Caleb loved it!!
 Opening his first birthday present! 
 a Thomas painting book!
 Little honey of a boy!
 OBSESSED with his balloons!!
 Carried them around literally all day, even took them in his room at nap time!
 Caleb painted for the first time ever today and LOVES it!  I really think he's got quite the artistic side!
His first masterpiece! 
 He also got a box of bandaids for his birthday, man, this kid LOVES bandaids too!
 little cutie patootie!
 playing his new board game, chutes and ladders, with daddy
 Mommy and my birthday boy!!!
 We ended the day with dinner at McDonald's.  Yes, McDonald's.  They renovated the play area at one close to us and it's HUGE with slides and tunnels and so much more!  I even climbed up there with him and went down the slides a few times myself, you know, just to make sure they would be fun enough for him *wink wink*.  Then we came home and ate some birthday cake and went to bed.

Overall, it was a blast of a day!  His birthday party is coming up this week, so I will definitely have more fun pics to post!  Happy Birthday again buddy!  Love you bunches!!

Be Blessed and Encouraged!

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